When things get too sexy: My 12 favorite K-Pop videos

If you haven't caught onto K-Pop yet, these sexy videos will get you hooked.

12. AOA - "Give Me Love" or "愛をちょうだい"

I prefer the dance version of the video, but the official video is sexy as hell.

11. Bambino - "Moonlight Shower"

Their only actual music video. Bambino's live performances are a lot sexier than this.

10. Dal Shabet - "Be Ambitious"

Also know as "Look At My Legs" the song is all about their perfect legs.

9. Exid - "Up & Down"

There's multiple versions of this song, in Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Watch the dance practice to see how talented Exid is.

8. Girl's Day - "Ring My Bell"

Those LEGS are beautiful and sexy

7. Laysha - "Pink Label"

They've only got 3 songs, but all of 'em are hot.

6. Laysha - "Party Tonight"

Another hot song.

5. Laysha - "Chocolate Cream"

Possible too sexy.

4. Momoland - "Bboom Bboom"

The song is meant to be cute, but with Nancy's tight shorts it's also very sexy

3. Red Velvet - "Peek a Boo"

My favorite K-Pop band

2. Hyun-A - "I'm the Best" or "Cause I'm God Girl"

My favorite K-Pop artist and this video is sexy.

1. Hello Venus - "Wiggle Wiggle"

The video is literally too sexy for YouTube to let me post it. So to see the original music video you'll have to search for it yourself and verify your age. Too sexy!

*4L - "Move

This is controversial because even the girls felt ashamed after because of how sexual the dance moves were.

When things get too sexy: My 12 favorite K-Pop videos
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  • MackToday

    The same perverted hyper sexualized shit you see in western music videos. Jpop Kpop etc didn't use to be like this. The girls had an innocence to them, they were pretty but not THOTs. No innocence in this just sexual lust and baseness. I remember groups like Perfume Asian girls will go the way white girls went , wondering why men don't find them attractive. Look at this old video , the way they used to do it. No grinding, ass shaking , out of their mind horny poses. No presumptuousness. The girls are pretty , men would want them but they're not disgusting and easy acting. That's what the Asian girls had. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zh0ouiYIZc

    • Perfume is extremely sexual.
      They go for showing their legs.

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    • None of the girls in my list are gross like Miley Cyrus or Beyonce. Even Hello Venus does it in a classy way.

    • MackToday

      I can see the Miley creeping in compared to what it used to be like.

  • Xoirwinkan

Most Helpful Girl

  • iamnash

    All I listen to is KPOP♥️♥️
    Black pink
    Red velvet

    • Same here, the only music on my phone is K-Pop with some J-Pop.

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  • Starshine85

    Didn't realise some kpop was that sexualised esp the last few (I've never got in to it). Kind of weird cos some of the videos are sort of childlike with the graphics and what they wear (latter comment referring to those puffy skirts in one vid)

  • kittycat119

    No Stellar with Vibrato, Marrionete or any of their songs? Those are definitely some of the sexier videos

    • Those songs are sexy, but I feel bad because of how badly Stellar was treated by their label.

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    • That's true, but it's not as bad as you're making it sound. Her life is still better than most people's.

    • From what we've seen of it. But again we don't know if she's one of the idols who's been prostituted or raped without fans ever finding out. Which is a high possibility with how popular she is

  • -Asca-

    There sure are some sexy videos.

    But a music video doesn't make bad music worth listening to. Not to say there aren't any good kpop songs, there's just quite a few bad ones.

  • Lynx122

    Wow so many Kpop fans in here :O
    No SNSD though?

    • I did put Girl's Day here.
      Girl's Day = SNSD

    • Lynx122

      Ehm no SNSD is Girls' Generation. Girls Day is a different group. They're both good though.

  • Scottydoesntknow

    I kinda feel bad for being as attracted to Asian girls as I am. I mean you hear countless times that they get exoticized purely based on race. But I also can't help it.

  • AmANiceGuy

    These vids are cool. But you forgot to mention Hwasa's Twit. It's the best K-Pop song

  • Cam_Eltoh

    Just as a small correction, #11 "Moonlight Shower" is Japanese and not Korean

    • Nope, Bambino and Moonlight Shower are in Korean:
      i think i like it
      너무 투명한 니 눈빛
      조심스럽게 내 맘이 Movin
      lets get it started
      너무 짜릿한 이느낌
      잠못드는 밤
      그 안에 너와 나
      everytime ur my shining star
      지금처럼만 날 비춰줘
      every night
      라라라라라라 sweet
      it's alright alright alright alright
      별들이 쏟아지는 이
      밤 너와나 우리둘이
      달빛샤워 샤워
      I feel so good
      I feel so good
      I feel so good
      B A M B I N O YEAH
      B A M B I N O YEAH
      everytime ur my shining star
      지금처럼만 날 비춰줘
      every night
      라라라라라라 sweet
      it's alright alright alright alright
      별들이 쏟아지는
      이 밤 너와나 우리둘이
      달빛샤워 샤워
      I feel so good
      I feel so good
      I feel…

  • ImaginativeDreamer

    Damn, Hello Venus is the best of the best, hands down, my kind of girls 😍

  • JohnAlaska43

    Just dont get it. All the sexual dancing and the words they pur in them. I like #2 video

  • YingKim

    Some of the girls that do K-Pop are not Korean. Just saying <3

  • themomo84

    So you're into Asian women?

  • MarketData

    It's not even about the music anymore. smh

    • It's not supposed to be just about the music. If you only listen to K-Pop you're missing out on the videos, interviews and game shows.

  • brittslitt

    White men are so cringe and weird

  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau

    the weeaboo level is off the fuckin charts!!!

    • adoration

      Uhm you mixed weaboo with koreaboo and I don't think he is either of those. You can love a music genre and a culture without being one.

    • @adoration cool story...

  • Secretgardenblood

    Good take

  • Hawky_

    Great post. Thank you

  • sadassad

    Ching chong bing bong. thats deep

  • adoration

    What about Mamamoo. Or Red Velvet's Bad Boy?

  • AwesomeLadaaay


  • monkeynutts

    HyunA she can rock my world.

  • Anonymous

    I dont listen to K-pop, they're slaves to their industry and get tossed aside when they even hint at losing ratings. they have no freedom, they can only act the way their contract says and look that way and never have a relationship.

    its a miserable experience and when I see these girls all i see is people in a cage being egged on by a carrot on a string. sure they're pretty, but not on their accord. Albeit, they signed up for it and (should) know what they're getting into, but its an industry that I dislike. Basically, they're all cookie cutter and I hate cookie cutter

    • I bet you never get invited to parties.

    • Anonymous

      I do plenty. Often go to clubs more than house parties. Idc for the house party crowd personally. Glad you made that assumption tho, cuz Jpop is better than Kpop in most respects, unless you're solely looking for eye candy.

    • sure you do, and you get all the girls. I'm the Emperor of Space though and I revoke your right to party

  • Anonymous

    Man, just been way too long since I fucked an Asian girl...

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a bunch brain dead doormat sex dolls who get cucked and chucked a lot.

    • Thanks for proving you're actually a dude.

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    • Anonymous

      Yep and I got it too.

    • adoration

      Happy for u

  • Anonymous

    Lol, so many guys are obsessed with Korean girls :)