My Top 10 Music Videos

10. Friday I'm In Love- The Cure

Just such a great video. Catchy song, too.

9. Living Dead Girl- Rob Zombie

Sheri Moon Zombie is so fucking awesome in this video, and I love how Rob puts himself into a scene in The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (look it up bitches).

8. Voices- Motionless In White

The red gives everything a demonic tint. And Chris Motionless's eyebrows are my life.

7. Helena- My Chemical Romance

Gerard Way and his bandmates carrying a coffin, which contains a gothic zombie ballerina, down stairs in the rain. Iconic.

6. The Dope Show- Marilyn Manson

As some of you may know, redhead Marilyn Manson is my favorite. And this video stars him from that era. I love the cops making out at the end, classic. Also, Twiggy's prettier than me, and I'm a girl. Well, I'm an ugly girl, but still, you can halfway sorta tell I'm one.


My favorite female-fronted band. Also, great opening.

4. The Kill- Thirty Seconds to Mars

Awesome video based on The Shining, set to an emotional song. Also, can you believe what a piece of ass Jared Leto was back in the day? Not as sexy as Marilyn Manson, but still, solid 7/10.

3. SAY-10- Marilyn Manson

A big fuck you to Donald Trump, starring my Daddy ripping up the Bible. <3 <3 <3

2. The Perfect Drug- Nine Inch Nails

Couldn't really think of good commentary for this one. So... yeah.

1. Long Hard Road Outta Hell- Marilyn Manson

Let's be real here, we all knew this was gonna end up on here, and we all knew why.


~ Mrs Manson


Most Helpful Guy

  • Friday I'm In Love by The Cure and Whore by In This Moment are the only songs that I recognize here, and I like both of them. I'll have to check out the rest of your songs when I get more time.

    • thnx
      ~ Mrs Manson

    • Maria Brink is a super hot demon bitch who gets my sex aroused. That's why I like In This Moment much better than any of the metal bands with male vocalists. That's also why I can't totally kill you for being turned on by Marilyn Manson.

      Maria Brink has my permission to rape my sex whenever her demonic heart desires. And don't think for a minute that I haven't had some really dirty sex fantasies about her.

      Having said that, female singers like Maddy Prior, Annie Haslam, Enya and Lorena McKennett are much more talented, soulful and much more spiritually uplifting to listen to. But we all have our dark side, and Maria Brink is for me what Marilyn Manson means to you. I get that! You just need to broaden your horizons.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Excellent! If you like those check out these, you'll love these music videos;
    1. TOOL - Sober
    2. Kill Hannah- lips like morphine
    3. Atreyu - lip gloss & black
    5. AFI- miss murder
    6. TRIVIUM- until the world goes cold


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