5 Creative Music Videos

Every once in a while, a music video comes along that makes you stop and really watch it. Most artists just put up the same versions of what everyone else is doing and you may like the song, but it's not a memorable experience. Now with artists doing things like creating whole visual albums or literally turning themselves into works of art, the doors to creativity are wide open.

There are so many creative videos out there, and I'm sure everyone has their own personal favorites, but these are a few of mine that have really stood out or stood the test of time in terms of how creative they were or are and continue to be.

1. OK Go-Upside Down

Most people who know about Ok Go, know about them BECAUSE of their music videos which are all supremely creative. They push the envelope every single time on what they do and fans can't get enough. For this video the group literally took several flights in zero G to film this video in between flying in and out of gravity which is why at points, they have to sit back down or hold on to something. You can see, as with all their videos, a behind the scenes making of on Youtube.

2. Oren Lavie's Her Morning Elegance

As someone who once had to make a 2 minute stop motion movie for an extra credit assignment, let me just say, this video is one where you see the final product and think that's amazing, but I KNOW the work that went behind this. You have to basically tick, tick, tick, and move each arm and each leg a fraction of a hair and each item piece by piece, shoot the shot, then move one more thing, shoot, and so on and so on. The video is not only creative, but it's beautiful and works well with the song.

3. Michael Jackson's Thriller

This was the video which basically launched a 1,000 videos. Thriller was creative because Jackson was one of the first to want to tell a full story with his video, and produce a sort of mini movie whereas prior to this, most videos were on the more basic side with a band on a stage, or a group in a room, or little production, pomp, and circumstance. In the time this was realized, Jackson's fan base grew leaps and bounds because everyone saw this video which also to this day, still causes your Uncle Larry and his friends to want to do this dance at your Aunt's wedding with mixed results.

4. Coldplay's Scientist

Doing things in reverse was certainly not new, but the singer did learn parts of this song in reverse so that he could sing and it would match up. The video is compelling because he's singing about going back to the start, and you're following him to that end. You want to know what happens and how he got to the mattress in the intro and all is revealed along the way.

5. a-ha - Take On Me

We take for granted these days the ability for any basic special effects team to put something like this together, but at the time, this was revolutionary as was the movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" that followed in it's footsteps of having animation interact with humans on screen. This blew people's minds and won a slew of creative awards, and still stands as a testament to creativity.

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  • I feel like I seen that type of style somewhere before in the second video but it's still pretty cool.


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  • With the exception of thriller, I didn't find them super creative. Songs 1-2 I think were trying to distract from how bad the songs were.

  • Look up phases- in love with my life
    Its a pretty cool video

  • May fit your creative thoughts but doesn't go with mine.


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