The Sexiest Internet Vixens Right Now


First of all, let me get this disclaimer out of the way: I realize that most of these women have had surgeries, and extreme makeovers to look the way they do. I also realize it takes a great amount of money, and old-rich privilege to look this way. So, please, refrain from the "they're fake bitches" hate comments because I realize that a vast majority of women don't look this way naturally, and I don't expect women to look this way. I'm just having fun here.

Here are some photos, and videos of these incredible women on the internet which have caught my eye.

Holly Luyah

Instagram: @luyah

From: Honolulu, Hawaii

Age: 28 Years Old

Holly is a fashion blogger, and fashion model from Hawaii. She is a Christian, and refuses to post nudes though, so be good boys!

Holly is the girl on the right in this video.

Autumn Nelson

Instagram: colors_of_autumnn94

From: Shelbyville, Tennessee

Age: 24 years old.

Autumn is a southern belle, but I'm sorry gentleman, she's married. Her main focus right now is being body-positive, and is a saleswoman at Visionworks in San Diego, California right now.

Bria Myles

Instagram: @realbriamyles

From: Los Angeles, California

Age: 34 Years Old

Bria is proof that dark-skin can look drop-dead gorgeous. She is an urban model for various magazines, and she looks about ten years younger than what she is.

Randalin Niedosmialek

Instagram: @itsrandalin

From: Tacoma, Washington

Age: 26 years old

Randalin(also known as Raylynn) is a plus-size urban model who is also a Nurse Aide. She flaunts her Lipedema Disorder as if God blessed her with that water bad attached to her, and has appeared on Tosh.O, and The Doctors.

Anja Dee


From: Toronto, Ontario

Age: Unknown

Anja is a multi-racial vixen with an Onlyfans page, and a "blogger." She doesn't reveal much about herself, but she definitely has a unique accent, as evident in her Youtube videos.

Jamie Misleh

Instagram: @miskhalifa

From: Cincinnati, Ohio

Age: 20 Years Old

Jamie is a college student at the University of Georgia, and is also an urban model. She actually has an interesting story of how she overcame anorexia, and oddly enough, is a Lebanese Catholic.

The Sexiest Internet Vixens Right Now

Olivia Webb

No Social Media accounts

From: Lockland, Ohio

Age: 29 years old

Olivia(better known for her stage name, Olivia Jensen) has been in a hiatus for two years now, but she still had the great blend of the girl next door-look, and body that we all love.

Caylee Cooper

Instagram: @audreyblake

From: Warren, Oregon

Age: 32 years old

Caylee(better known for her stage name Audrey Blake) is a pre-school teacher by day, and an internet whore by night. This cam model takes requests for cash on her Onlyfans website.

The Sexiest Internet Vixens Right Now

Mal Malloy

Instagram: @themalestgal

From: Kennewick, Washington

Age: 35 years old

Mal isn't in her prime anymore, but she still has an incredible body, given her age. She's now a married nurse, and doesn't get as much internet time as she used to.

Sophie Brussaux

Instagram: @sophieknowsbetter

From: Paris, France

Age: 30 years old

Before she was blown up in the media as Drake's baby-mama, I remembered her when she first moved to the United States of America in 2011, when she went by her stage name Rosee Divine. She is an internet model, and an avid artist.

Sophie E. Hall

Instagram: @sophiesselfies224

From: London, England

Age: Unknown

Sophie is an internet model, and advocates for plus size moms to feel better about themselves.

Alexandria Uchi

Instagram: @alexandrauchi111

From: Tokyo, Japan

Age: 26 years old

Alexandria is a multi-racial model from Japan, and will flat out admit she has had surgery done. She said she doesn't regret a thing about moving to Los Angeles, California(From Tokyo, Japan).

The Sexiest Internet Vixens Right Now
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Anonymous
    I think they look deformed. I agree with one of the GaGers... Why would a woman pay money, needless to say - a lot of money - to make her body like disproportionate?

    But then, that's their bodies, so whatever they do, the risks are on them, and I guess apparently there are guys do like how they look.

    I prefer to work out hard at the gym to get a big butt, which I have. No potential complication. No need to worry about any type of artificial material degrading in the body, getting saggy, etc. No need to spend more money to put chemical injections and artificial materials in the body to maintain a nice ass.
    Is this still revelant?
    • I see your point, but you don't get a big butt by working out. Big butts are BIG because they have fat on them, and you don't gain fat by exercising.

      Working out can help SHAPE your butt, but it doesn't INFLATE it.

    • Anonymous

      Okay, some of them are proportional, but that's because their entire bodies are big, which included their butts, but I think it's healthier to keep the weight in healthy ranges. I'm not promoting being skinny, since it's not healthy either, but too much weight carries the risks of cardiovascular diseases (heart disease, etc.), musculoskeletal strains (back pain, etc.) and many more.

      In my opinion, a perky butt which is slightly big, toned and firm, that does not follow the direction of gravity, is the definition of sexy.

    • Anonymous

      I must say that you are wrong. Yes, exercising can make a butt big. But butts are not only made from fat. Muscle growth can make butts big. I used to be flat butted, or did I even have a butt before? Now I have 37 inches in my hip, butt round and perky. Fatty butts will sag and giggle, while toned butts will stay up.

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  • emmily2396
    I honestly think that is too much. I am pear shaped too, so mine is big too if I gain fat, not as unrealistically though, but i think it looks bad as cellulite and saggines are problems you get with a lot of fat and not enough muscle.
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    • I think most guys don’t mind cellulite in moderation

    • Do you have any pictures of your pear-shaped body?

    • JayQu

      I think a nice body is hard work. U shouldn't just be able to feel privileged. They might have nice faces... but go to the gym ladies that's not healthy

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Most Helpful Guys

  • Danny_dan92
    Dude I’m sorry but all these women are gross. Their asses are ridiculously huge. To the point where it’s more repulsive than considered sexy.

    Not to mention you can tel they got pure fat injected into their asses and legs and as a result they look like they have a severe case of cottage cheese legs and asses
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    • I disagree, I think these asses are amazing.

      I will agree they probably had surgery, whether it be plastic, fat injections, fat transfers, etc.

    • I don’t think they are appealing because they aren’t even proportionate to their bodies.

      Their asses look like they can jump to the moon

    • Yup... they all look disgusting.

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  • Nik1hil
    See considering you are an English teacher..
    I am confused..
    If you really understand the meaning of word sexy,
    See buddy.. I will give you an example..
    This is sexy..
    First picture shows physique..
    Why you posted is gross..
    And second picture shows the decency that is like a jewelry on a women.. The Sexiest Internet Vixens Right NowThe Sexiest Internet Vixens Right Now
    Is this still revelant?
    • They look sexy too, but I l like the girls I posted better.

    • Nik1hil

      Well you like jiggly ass..
      It's okay..
      Each to their own

    • I'm literally obsessed with big, fat asses.

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • JayQu
    I am sorry... but what is the craze about giant asses?
    How is that hot? I'm sorry I'm not trying to be offensive. These ladys are pretty but I just dont understand.
    I come from a generation of keeping ur ass tight can someone explain?
    I understand bony is not pretty either. But I have worked hard for what I have been told is a "perfect ass"
    No I guess I'm the odd duck out.

    • It does seem to be a craze right now, but I'm an extreme case. I'm literally obsessed with giant asses.

    • You aren’t the odd duck out. I like asses but all these asses here are repulsive and gross

    • Nadim171

      I don't know either, giant asses are disgusting

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  • TomasLyy
    Dude your odd fetish will cloud the judgment of other girls. IT's healthy to go to the gym and work out this is just mutilating your body into grotesque shapes.

    Women, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not take this mans opinion as part of the common opinion he is not at all a representation of what a normal man thinks
  • LittleLily
    I have pretty negative opinions on the whole "body positivity" movement, and I know I'm the minority with the opinion I hold because of the huge amounts of hate I receive for it, but it's something that needs to be said. Body positivity is important. But so is your health. If you are morbidly obese and happy with yourself, then good for you. But don't encourage others to take the same path as you just because you don't want to die young, alone. Everyone should strive for an attractive physique because your average attractive physique is also a healthy physique. It means eating well, keeping fit and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Doing none of those things and flaunting your rolls is great for you if it genuinly makes you happy, but it's so wrong on so many levels to tell others that they should join you in your quest for "body positivity". It's like these people just can't be fucked putting in the effort and so they shame people like me that actually do bust their asses to stay in shape, and guilt trip us for looking good. And on top of that, they say things like "big is beautiful". Yes, people are beautiful in many shapes and sizes. But you are only healthy in a few of them, and at the end of the day, that's what will get you the most out of your life.
    • The women I posted are mainly bottom heavy though. And being bottom heavy isn't comparable to "morbid obesity." As a matter of fact, since lower body fat isn't near any vital organs, it carries virtually no risk factors, and there is medical research to support that fact.

      As far as the "Body Positive Movement", I personally have no opinion on it. It's their body, and their choice, and it doesn't affect anyone else except themselves.

    • LittleLily

      If it didn't affect anyone but them, I would agree. But it does. The entire movement is about encouraging people to be comfortable with being unhealthy and overweight. People are already lazy and unhealthy, they don't need to be encouraged.

    • Let's assume the Body Positive Movement really is encouraging people to be unhealthy, and overweight (which I don't even necessarily agree with): Are people really gullible enough to listen to them? I can see how it might affect a kid, but if you're an adult that easily persuaded by a movement, there is something wrong with you.

  • Redstang88
    Ummm... no thanks

    I like curvy girls, but these just look ridiculous. Things have to be proportionate
  • SkipStop
    Gross. Most of them ended up being a big turn off for me. Great music though. I will have to Shazam them later.
  • NYCQuestions1976
    Jamie Misleh is decent. All the others? Subwoofers.
    • Subwoofer is your new favorite word.

      P. S. I've seen Jamie in public (she lives close to where I live). She has more of a stomach than her pictures show.

    • That's a party foul.

  • Vickykick
    Unbelievable! That this stuff exists and that you took all the pains to bring it to us. 😛
  • Anon-ymous1
    ... Is there a downvote option for poor content? Because holy shit there needs to be, and this post proves it.
  • thebigc
    No offense but you really only like asses don't you?
    • I wouldn't say I "only" like asses, but that's clearly my favorite body part.

    • thebigc

      Ok lol. I do find it hilarious though that they are all just cam whores or plus size models.

    • thebigc

      I think someone has an Amazon fetish

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  • soniablonde
    I don't know why anyone would want to look like this.
  • MysteriousDarkness
    Personally I find Randalin Niedosmialek, Anja Dee, Mal Molloy, Sophie Brussaux, Sophie E Hall all sexy hot. I will probably get a lot of down votes and or replies going against what I said but do not care.
  • mikeybazza
    seriously why pay to change your body if others don't like the way you look surely that's their problem
    • JayQu

      Perfectly said 👊

  • MannySimms
    All are way too big for me. Some of them can hide a Buick.
  • winterfox10
    Sophie and Jamie are hot, but most of these girls are grotesque... I mean, I like a juicy ass as much as the next guy, but these women are over the top. It's nasty looking.
    • kitty71

      i totally agree why do I need to see ladies with such hummunguos asses here? and besides thowe asses do not even look healthy they look deformed. I dont see any hotness or sexyness in any of them. And about the Christian lady form Hawaii? So she dont post nudes but she enjoys shoving us her huge ass and likes to show off on social media? I found it that a doublé standard.

    • Double standard or not, I would happily swipe left on most of these women and not think twice about it.

    • @kitty71 And Holly's ass is totally fake. It doesn't match her thin legs, and doesn't jiggle at all.

  • smg99
    I too don’t favour the butt posts though as a woman I agree how highly alluring the female form is. I just think ok if it’s for fitness ok but that would be natural outdoors; not particularly staged.

    These are natural beauties or were you referring to those who underwent surgical makeovers?

    In that case money buys perfectly sculpted bodies not traces of cellulite. Am I right?
    So it ought to actually read girls who are body and fitness conscious and showing their results.

    That’s too long a title but then it’s become so passé it’s not alluring anymore. Even if it’s not nude it’s nearly there.
  • madhatters4
    i can see you have a type. i like em all except Randalin... a bit too much for me
  • Sevenpointfive
    you can have every single one of them. damn, you must live a fortunate life to consider this attractive
  • AbsoluteCutie
    So what I’m getting out of this is that you’re a butt guy 😂🤣
  • InTimoreDei
    Trying to not barf. Instagram models are the one of the most loathsome of creatures. Especially these ones.
  • damo1971
    Just been watching Holly on pornhub she certainly is sexy
    • Her butt doesn't jiggle though, and she has thin legs. She has a fake butt, and it's painfully obvious.

    • Your absolutely disgusting lmao
      Men ain’t shit for real 😂

  • Gottabsavagee
    If you have a fat booty it better not be saggy cause that's gross af..
  • MoneyBeets
    these women are a disgrace to be called beautiful women. All look like fat land whales. I know women in small Iowa farm towns hotter than them.
  • Pejtu
    they look ugly for me i dont want a girl with ass like that it looks gross as fuck for me
  • Cask23
  • Benedek38
    That's just ugly.
  • Liam_Hayden
    Proof positive that "sexy" is purely subjective.
  • 9teen
    I feel like throwing up.
    • JayQu

      I did in my mouth a little

    • @JayQu lmao it’s comments like these that really show how childish people can be. You don’t like it? Ok then, but I’ll tell you right now that a lot of men like a body that isn’t prepubescent

    • @Engineer92_ wow good luck being alone bro lol how disgusting

  • tearout
    I don't like any of them lol
  • DakotaNorth
    My beloved Michael is the sexiest.
  • megaman242
    I did not like any of them
  • Tyliah
    Except 1 or 2. They are pretty thotty.
    • JayQu

      Hahahaha potato arses!

  • Hamsteroids
    I’m sorry but ew
  • Littlewife
    Are they obese or something?
  • GoodGuyGregGGG
  • Sixgun77
    No thanks, not my type at all.
  • cykasenpai
  • crazy8000
    If you're in to it go for it.
  • AwesomeLadaaay
    Awesome ty for sharing
  • Secretgardenblood
  • liquidsolid
    bad honey
  • Anonymous
    Wow what a shallow dip shit. Good luck finding any woman that respects you
  • Anonymous
    You can keep them, lol. ugly or over weight.
  • Anonymous
    Most of those women look over weight.
  • Anonymous
    WTF? The "sexiest"? Most of them are kinda fat, and unattractive, plus the fact they all have huge butts, that's totally turn off.
    • To each their own. There a billions of other men that would beg to differ

    • Anonymous

      @Engineer92_ Yeah, I know, those guys have a fat & cellulite fetish 😂

  • Anonymous
    Once again Instagram models? Geez that is what a huge accomplishment!!! Nah. You got to be kidding. What is next Facebook model, Snap chat models? They are all hoes...
    • I know right? "Instagram model" lol. What a joke.

  • Anonymous
    I see you're a fan of livestock-style ass. Good stuff.
    • JayQu


    • Anonymous

      @JayQu It's true, no?

    • JayQu

      I couldn't have said it better myself
      I puked in my mouth a little bit..
      Somethings u just can't unsee

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  • Anonymous
    "Sexiest" ? Really?
  • Anonymous
    I hope you're joking. Everyone of those women would clinically qualify as obese.
    • I'm pretty sure none of them qualify as "obese." Overweight? Yes, but not obese.

    • Anonymous

      A BMI of 30.0 or higher is obese, BY DEFINITION. All, or almost all, of those women CLEARLY have a BMI over 30.

      Look, I don't mean to judge, but I just do not get the attraction to fat women. It's unhealthy and gross.

    • Everyone, and their mothers know BMI scales are outdated, and completely wrong in general. They never measure for frame size, or muscle mass.

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  • Anonymous
    Well it takes all kinds I guess. None of them do anything for me. I see more attractive women every day at the office.
  • Anonymous
    • Anonymous

      Big obese potato arses.

    • Beauty is subjective. I gaurabtee you that you’re probably not a lot of guys cup of tea either. Many men would look at you and one of these women and choose the bigger ass over the small perky one. Wan know why? Because THATS WHAT THEYRE ATTRACTED TO. Not saying you aren’t attractive, but with almost 8 billion people on this planet, there isn’t just one definition of beauty. You all should get over yourselves

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