myTakes: How Do I Look?


Looks Don't Matter? The Reality May Be Harsher Than You Think

Beauty is only skin deep, yet it's the factor which we first use to infer one's career, social status, and a shallow view of personality. It's a physical attribute we have long praised within humanity. However, as we've...
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The Mind of the beholder.

I find it is important to delineate ideal beauty and actual attraction. Without this distinction people fall into the dretch of insecurity. Ideal beauty or Aesthetic beauty is unanimous or near unanimous within cultures....
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Am I fat? Am I ugly? You’re beautiful 😍

Every time I go on my social media or on G@G, the main question on the,”How do I look?” topicals is ,” Am I fat?” I opened this and saw a whole bunch of women with perfect waists. Wanna cool fact all you girls out there?...
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I am UGLY and I know it! 😂😂😂

I am not talking about not being handsome. I dont mean to say "girls never have crush on me. Never approach me". Its not the scale that I am refering to. I am talking about being ugly. Like the guys that make girls...
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Self acceptance is key

As you may know, I've always wanted to increase my height, even though people love it and call me cute names and such. I accepted it and saw it as a great thing , and nothing to be ashamed of, however I often had the idea...
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Are you pretty or ugly?

Are you ugly if you're not beautiful? For whom and for what? Yes, one of the most common mistakes we make is to ask people if they are "beautiful or ugly" or to use the phrase "ugly" about people's appearance by us. If...
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Being Called Cute VS "Hot"

I absolutely hate being called cute because I associate cute little puppies and kids. I told my friend and she said that being called cute is a good thing. I feel like in society though everybody wants to be "hot". Some...
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Five Reasons For Why You Should Love Your Body

Disclaimer: This myTake requires physical movement and realizing that you are just as beautiful as anyone else living. I have noticed that some people are unhappy with their body types. Let me rephrase that, most people...
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My Story - The Tale of Someone That Has The "Wrong" Body According to Society

I had the chance to see many questions, myTakes and opnions about overweight people, fat shaming and all that jazz. Now I have been overweight my whole life, all I wanted was to be normal but being the fat kid in...
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Perks of being a short woman!

People often question my height. Others in a positive way and others in a negative. Most people who are short are wishing to be taller and tend to miss the positive side. I on the other hand decided to arm myself with a...
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Self Deprecation is NOT an Instant Invitation for Sympathy, Validation and Compliments.

Most people who are down on themselves tend to seek validation, sympathy and compliments. That’s okay because some people need that in order to feel better. However, this isn’t the case for everyone. When self...
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The Sexiest Internet Vixens Right Now

First of all, let me get this disclaimer out of the way: I realize that most of these women have had surgeries, and extreme makeovers to look the way they do. I also realize it takes a great amount of money, and old-rich...
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When I Finally Realized I Am Attractive

I genuinely had the self esteem of an onion and thought I looked like an eggplant lol. Not exactly attractive because what is 'attractive' that could be subjective , no? But just not as ugly as I thought I was. I grew up...
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How To Be Attractive

Welcome to this mytake. I am here to share with you how to become more OUTWARDLY attractive based on my own learning experiences. 1. Take a shower Unless you'd like to have oil pit hair and stink like this- Not a good...
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What I Learnt from a Day at a Mixed Nude Day Spa

I am writting this to share an experience I had recently while traveling around in Europe. For those who dont know, in Germany and The Netherlands there are quiet a few wellness centers. These wellness centers are often...
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What it's like growing up hairy

Hi all. Welcome to my Mytake :) I'm hairy and also a girl which is viewed as disgusting. Yes I find it weird that the hair on my arms, legs and everywhere on my body that I was born with is found disgusting. I can't do...
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Girls, Have Confidence in Yourselves!

There is nothing more attractive to guys than confidence. I see so many girls just write themselves off because they don't feel like they're up to "standards" set by society. I find this saddening because every guy is...
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You Worry Too Much About Your Looks

The conversation I had headed home on a bus way back in my high school days has always stuck with me about how much it is we tend to obsess over our looks and how we think other people see us--two things which are rarely...
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4 Reasons Why We Should All Strive For Ugliness

Here are 4 reasons why we should all strive for ugliness. 1. Ugliness is low-maintenance. Applying make-up every morning and taking it off every night take up way too much time and meticulousness. The morning hour is...
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Differences between real life feedback and online feedback about our appearance, my personal experience.

I decided to tell my experience on this site. I'm a 30-years-old guy that suffer from body dysmorphic disorder from ten years (from when I was 20). I see sometimes (not always) my face weird, strange, strongly...
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