The Benefits of Watching Anime Compared to Other Forms of Entertainment

Smug Chika is Best Chika
Smug Chika is Best Chika

Well, I'm sure this is a take few were expecting. Anime has a different perspective from person to person. For some, it's a lifestyle and is celebrated as a significant cultural art that goes back decades. For others, it's that odd stuff the weird kid in your sophomore high school class liked. Today, instead of persuading you to become a fan of the media form outright, I'm going to present my case for why being a fan comes with some great benefits vs other forms of entertainment.

Anime has something for everyone, no matter what your tastes.

This doesn't cover all of the different genres, but it does cover the big ones.
This doesn't cover all of the different genres, but it does cover the big ones.

Some folks like romantic comedies, some like to remember days of their youth through a slice of life, others only want to watch a gritty, action-filled thriller, and still others are dirty-minded and would enjoy ecchi (perverted, soft-core, and usually humorous). No matter what your taste is, anime is guaranteed to have a least a few shows which check your boxes due to its diversity of content. There's an assortment of unique shows every season, and some shows in anime combine genres, meaning you're more likely to stumble into something you like. Lastly, another benefit is that because anime is well, animated, the creativity of content isn't bounded by our material world as with live-action TV. While Western TV can be quite unique and diverse, too, many shows tend to revolve around the same themes (medical, police, and crime dramas) and thus can get stale.

Shows in anime are usually quick to get through, meaning you can watch more content in the same amount of time.

Demon Slayer's fight scenes are so beautifully intense they might merit a replay.
Demon Slayer's fight scenes are so beautifully intense they might merit a replay.

Your time is valuable, but it's also limited. So how you choose to spend your time on entertainment is important as it's impossible to take in all creative works of media (TV, movies, music, plays, books) this world has to offer. Luckily, anime is an efficient way to get entertainment. Typically, most anime shows are about 22-24 minutes long, with about 2-3 minutes of that being taken up by an intro and outro, which you can easily skip. That means a whole episode can be watched in ~20 minutes. You can get through 3 episodes of a season within an hour, while many Western shows take up that whole hour for a single episode. There are also some newer shows in anime that feature 11-12 minute episodes instead, too, which doubles the number of episodes you can view!

A Mage taking aim with a magically enchanted rifle, from
A Mage taking aim with a magically enchanted rifle, from "Saga of Tanya the Evil".

The other benefit is that most anime seasons are only 12-13 episodes long and some shows are a single season with the occasional special release or movie. What this means is that with a single hour of viewing most shows, you're already a quarter way through the whole series. For dedicated anime fans, it isn't uncommon to get through 2-4 different shows/seasons in a single weekend. However, some popular shows do have 2+ seasons or one big half-year long season with 24-26 episodes, so your mileage may vary.

Anime doesn't require that you watch immediately to enjoy, discuss, and be a fan of the shows.

"Cowboy Bebop" is OVER 20 YEARS OLD, yet is still considered a staple show of the community.

This is quite possibly the best part about being a fan of anime. There are classic movies and TV shows here in the West, sure, but not many have a widely active community that is discussing those shows, recommending them to random people to enjoy, and sharing things like fanart. Anime fandom does not discriminate on the age of its shows. There are shows which aired in the past century, such as Cowboy Bebop, Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Mobile Suit Gundam, Pokémon, etc. that are still very popular today and some people insist you watch a couple of these first before newer content because of how impactful these classics still are.

"KonoSuba" is now over 3 years old but remains as popular as ever with a highly active fanbase.

Even if classics old enough to have finished college aren't your thing, there are quite a handful of shows that originally aired within the past 5 or so years with a present and sometimes even stronger following now than in the past. What this means is that even if you're late to viewing a show, whether by a season or a year (or a generation) you can still enjoy it and interact with others about it. The drawn-out popularity of anime has many benefits, such as how I described before with watching being an efficient use of your time. Don't have time for a new show this season? That's okay, watch it later, even a year from now, and I guarantee if it was any good people will still be talking about it and you'll still be in the loop. This is sometimes a normal thing as a handful of shows in anime considered "great" today weren't popular until at least a year or more after the initial release. Can't do that with currently airing seasons of many Western TV shows. While I'll touch on it more at the end, MyAnimeList is a fantastic site for keeping track of what shows you're currently watching and want to watch, so you'll never forget to bring out those classics one day.

Now that anime has reached mainstream popularity, it's easy to find services to watch it and even with English dubbed shows.

"Violet Evergarden" is a NETFLIX series that is loved by the community. Yes, NETFLIX.

Anime used to be difficult to view in Western countries a decade and longer ago. You either had to track down a DVD copy of the series on a marketplace website such as eBay, or pirate it off a website/torrents. Within the past 5 years, there are now major streaming platforms dedicated to providing you new and old anime content. Crunchyroll is the biggest player in the game, dedicating their entire platform to anime only with many new releases and an exhaustive library of content. However, this hasn't stopped other giants such as NETFLIX and Hulu from trying to take a bite out of the ever-growing market with their own collections and even originally produced series. Some smaller competitors like Funimation may not have the latest and greatest but do have many dubbed anime shows, often with English voice actors, while most other services keep the original Japanese voices and instead add subtitles. No matter which service(s) you choose, anime is now available on your Smart TV, computer, or phone.

Lastly: The community is now gigantic and accepted, with many great aspects such as conventions, forums, memes, etc.

When Elon Musk, one of the most successful people of our day, is into anime, that says something.
When Elon Musk, one of the most successful people of our day, is into anime, that says something.

Like raves and electronic dance music, anime used to be a small, fragmented, and closeted community. However, what starts small has nothing else to do but get bigger, and boy did anime explode in size. 10 years ago, the only people watching anime outside of some popular Toonami style shows were often social rejects and it was seen as a taboo/weird thing to like. Now, just about everyone under 35 at least knows what anime is and many teens to twenty somethings are dedicated fans. The community has also gained acceptance for "normal" people to watch, and thus social media is full of anime groups and forums, sharing everything from reviews to memes. Anime conventions are all but uncommon, and sometimes anime movies appear in normal movie theaters.

Megumin is surprised at how large of a fanbase Anime actually has.
Megumin is surprised at how large of a fanbase Anime actually has.

While there are some deviant or undesirable people/interests within the community, most of it is full of helpful and kind people who are looking for nothing more but to connect with others about their favorite shows, giving and taking recommendations or sharing art. Sites such as MyAnimeList are a perfect spot to keep track of the anime shows you've watched or want to, read and share reviews on shows, and find out more about characters. Reddit, of course, has multiple communities such as /r/anime and /r/animememes which combine to hundreds of thousands of members. There are many inside jokes and excellent content creators within the community, making it all the more worth it to get involved.


Kay listening to her radio on
Kay listening to her radio on "Girls Und Panzer", a show about, well, girls and tanks.

Anime may already be something you indulge, or it could be something you are apprehensive about liking. While I can't guarantee everyone exposed to the medium will be satisfied, it has now cemented itself into even Western entertainment and is here to stay for years to come. With new shows even being produced here in the USA, it won't be long before anime is considered a staple of everyday entertainment alongside crime dramas, soap operas, and funny cat videos.

Thank you for reading!

The Benefits of Watching Anime Compared to Other Forms of Entertainment
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  • Aguysopinion4799
    Whoa... This was amazing! I love how deep you went on this and the fact of explaining the huge amount of genres that people can explore then noting how anime shows can be very old while still being a popular viewing! Amazing!
    I have loved anime since I was 14 years old and while I do love it, like everything there are some things I am able to complain about but at the same time these things are what make anime what it is so I take no huge dislike to them :)

    1- Anime producers give anime girls big breasts then make them 13 years old...
    2- Anime producers tend to make anime girls seem very fragile
    3- In anime, there are times when the characters say to the other characters the plot of the anime
    4- Anime produces some peculiar relationships between brothers and sisters...

    But since I have watched anime so long, I actually find these tropes/ traits to be enjoyable to experience and they all seem to produce their own form of humour and sometimes what seems a innocent romance between siblings which if in real life would seem odd :)

    Great take mate ^_^
    Is this still revelant?
    • I disagree with your second statement. They actually tend to make girls too strong, being able to beat guys (often for "comedic effect"), hardly ever being overwhelmed by a mans strength. Unless you meant fragile looking, visuals only.

    • @Xoirwinkan I did mean fragile looking fragile wise and I agree that there are some Anime girls I have seen that have that trope of overwhelming guys by unleashing some hidden strength which allows a short young girl to beat a tall beefy dude so :/

Most Helpful Girl

  • AnimeThot
    I agree anime is great
    Is this still revelant?

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  • Ultimate_Gohan
    Anime is way better than others forms of entertainment because its animations.
    1. No limits to what you can animate
    2. No real actors required
    3. No bullshit political agendas like feminism involved in anime
    4. Watching anime is an escape from reality
    5. They have much better stories than most movies and shows.

    The Benefits of Watching Anime Compared to Other Forms of Entertainment
  • SlimeC0RE
    Funny thing is, I’ve bee intending to do something similar for weeks, albeit about manga.

    Great take, well-written, it effectively describes how beneficial anime can be. I feel like your take could be more complete, but otherwise I have no problem with it.
  • ILoveAnime
    Great take! <3 I would add something but there really isn't anything to add! :)
  • Shout out to anyone who remembers downloading DBZ movies off of limewire. And to those who used to stay up until 3am to watch CowBoy BeeBop
  • Twalli
    Anyone seen SAO III? I have meant to watch it since season 1 was pretty good, and the movie, but I haven't gotten around to it. The GGO arc was okay, and we just don't talk about the ALO arc in polite company.
  • Ellie-V
    I like anime but... not that much 😂 the ones I have seen usually had weird plot lines that went all over the place. And some are kind of sexual in a strange way. Like whoever writes and animates those types of shows must be VERY sexually repressed.
    • are you sure that was anime
      i am getting hentai vibes😳

    • @AksbiJanjua nah man that's most Anime xD it's really hard to find a good anime which doesn't have bouncing boobs or stupid unreasonable pervert scenes shoved into unnecessary places, it's inevitable when it comes to Japanese products lmao

  • ShadowofRegret
    Great take sir!

    Considering my own love of anime, it pleases me to see that anime is becoming more mainstream.😊
  • Xyline789
    I enjoy anime and get annoyed when people think it's weird or for kids. Some anime are weird or for kids but you just don't watch them. Just like any other media, you watch the good ones and the ones you like.
  • Swat_
    I've given anime several shots, just can't get into it. Even when its about my favorite subjects it just doesn't appeal to me. That said, I don't really like shows in the first place.
  • Dargil
    I find Hentai appealing. I don't look at video, just stills. I am clueless on the various levels of realism that are available. The really cartoony looking images just look silly to me but there are those that have enough realism to stir the erotic gauge. Like her.
    The Benefits of Watching Anime Compared to Other Forms of Entertainment
    It goes up to "photorealistic", where sometimes things are going on that you feel yo shouldn't be looking at. There's an "amateur aspect to what they do, as it is not scripted or acted out, that you are getting to see it undetected. The acts themselves are the fantasies of the artists, such as visible orgasm (cum) while making out, sucking her boob, etc. And the characters often come off as, to be charitable, barely legal.
  • Kimochi
    Violet Evergarden is amazing.
    and ill take Attack on Titan over garbage softcore porn Game of Throne any day
  • AFellowWeeb
    simple, i dont have to deal with the fact that actors have fake personalities and anime characters dont
  • DiegoO
    Anime movies (some), are a masterpiece. The series are garbage.
  • Kat-__o
    I like anime, it's a great getaway from reality
  • VanillaIcecream
    I don’t like anime
  • Cuppo_Mode
    You become a weeb.
  • Pamina
    Most of it just weirds me the fuck out.
  • Anonymous
    I like anime, I just sometimes find it very uncomfortable to watch. For example in the show seven deadly sins the main character Meliodas is constantly groping the princess Elizabeth. He’s practically grabbing her boobs or looking up her skirt every 5 minutes. Elizabeth is like 18 years old and Meliodas is an ancient demon. But not only that, he’s know Elizabeth since she was a baby. The show try’s to explain it away by saying that Elizabeth is the reincarnation of his past love, but that doesn’t make it any less uncomfortable to have to watch an ancient guy molest a girl he’s practically raised from birth. Lots of anime’s have moments like these. A lot of anime is full of unnecessary up skirt shots, titty jiggles, groping, and relationships that are basically statutory rape. There are some shows that don’t have moments like this. But I have seen so many that do. The shows have really good plots, but it can be really uncomfortable.
  • Anonymous
    This has been a very difficult subject for me to overcome and understand, so I'd like your and fellow Otakus' perspectives on this:

    Why are so many Otakus, especially in their teenage years, depressed and suicidal? I see online most people with Anime profile pictures have suicidal tendencies, their lives are basically empty. I've joined groups on Kik and Discord to discover more about this, and I was really saddened to see such a huge number of teenagers so depressed and so separate from reality that they deny it and indulge in their fictional world, only to hit the huge logic-wall at the end and become absolutely miserable.

    It's so rare to find someone with an Anime profile pic who isn't depressed or has something really dark inside them (pedophilia, school shooting fantasies, bizarre and unacceptable fetishes and kinks), it's really hard to come by an Otaku who is cheerful and happy with goals and dreams, unlike the others who just seem... Dull, like they're spiritless, nothing to push them forward and they're just stuck there, and it's not just a phase in many situations I've witnessed, I've met many suicidal and depressed Otakus in their twenties who still live in their parents' house, when I ask them they tell me Anime was their obsession since they were teenagers around 13-16, I have many friends like that, in real life and online.
    So from what I've seen, overdosing on Anime could be a very life-destroying thing to do because of two reasons:

    1) Anime is extremely influencial, as you said it's appealing to many kinds of people and it has a wide vareity of things it can hold, it can be a concentrated train of thoughts only in a couple of frames

    2) teenagers are more likely to watch it, and don't forget that the biggest changes to personality and life happen in that age range, the mind is like a sponge that takes anything thrown at it, and without proper surveillance and moderation, it can take over a teenager's mind with the many deep philosophical ideas Anime presents (the world is ending, life is meaningless, god doesn't exist, life is a simulation only), plus, it appeals to teenage hormones, as fan service is almost in every anime there is, it serves well for teenagers' rising urges and needs, which keeps them even more hooked.

    I'd really like to hear your opinion on this, I wanna tackle this subject but it's pretty deep and I need some perspective from the side of your group, thank you :)
    • cirno

      Uh there's a lot of anime thats not just depressing too uh and i dont know.. i never felt like its taking over my mind or something like that XD there's a lot of anime that have very good and happy outlook on life and stuff but uh the most popular ones that are talked about are all pretty depressing i think? people like angst maybe? I dunno

  • Anonymous
    I prefer anime.
  • Anonymous
    Unique Take!!!💯

    It's always great to see that anime is still alive in this horrible world.