Anime has to be appreciated more and here is why


Okay, so you like anime, that's great! Everyone deserves a hobby! ^_^

But then say you start to appreciate it so much that it becomes a weekly thing, awesome!

Let's say you then start watching it daily, it is good to pursue your hobby, but don't stray from society, keep it to a healthy amount where you still interact with others. <3

Then you have Enlightened fans, these are fans that observe anime NOT just for one of these individually.

"Fan service"



"Character crushes"

But because they look at:

The whole story, proper understanding of a story that a maker made is very important, otherwise you won't see what they see, in order to see the story from their perspective, you must first understand the plot.

The character designs, Appreciation for a design that was made by someone else is important, look at the characters and appreciate just how the developer came to the idea of making someone like this.

The colour choices, Colour choice really changes the mood, the atmosphere, the vibes, whatever you wish to call it. These changes are often overlooked because people are so busy watching all the action that they forget to appreciate the effects of a little change of colouration makes a whole scene change from positive to dark, from casual to romantic etc.

The plot twists, Always pick up on plot twists and enjoy them, those twists are complex and amazing, imagine what would have happened if the twist had not been involved.

The episode lengths, Realise just how long the makers make each episode and then you can both appreciate that but also do some math and make a rough estimation of the total minutes when adding all episodes together based off each episodes run time.

We look at all of it and make a fair review of it to ourselves.

Most importantly though, we look at the anime and think to ourselves "This is amazing, someone out there thought of this, someone out there DREW this, some amazing minds somewhere in the world thought up this plot and these characters and these backgrounds, this is absolute beauty"

We don't have to like a anime to appreciate the work that went into making it, which is what bothers me recently where people seem to link anime watchers as just people who watch H*nt** and call anime cartoons and that we are all in it just for fan service, we aren't.

True fans can enjoy a wholesome anime with not service, true anime enthusiasts can appreciate a anime even if they know it isn't to their tastes, not all anime enthusiasts watch H*nt** but if they do, who cares, it's not as bad as watching real people having sex.

Look at those videos, don't just look at the characters, look at the colours, look at the backgrounds, imagine how long it took the developers to make just one episode and then be amazed by thinking how the great minds also had to make backstories for each character.

It is a whole different view when you stop and truly appreciate it all, I hope one day I will get to meet a Anime producer and thank them for all that they have done. <3

I got into Anime when I was very young, which makes sense to why I love it so much, I have had many years to enjoy it, to explore the variation of different drawing styles that each artist has, how each plot will have a pattern in romance anime, how psychological anime rely more on science and grotesque deformed beings to get the audience a great story.

It is amazing how the artists minds work with these ideas, my main preference genre wise is romance, but i do like psychological and thriller too, those genres REALLY amazed me when I see how much they incorporate sound science into a story that is meant to unsettle you. Truly amazing!


To those who do NOT like anime, it is completely fine to not like it, but don't try to force another person into liking something you like or try to force them out of liking something they like.

P.s: I am not trying to force people into liking anime, I am showing why I love it and how we may be getting the wrong image from society because they don't understand our hobby and passion for it.

Anime has to be appreciated more and here is why
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  • I've watched since I was 6 however I Fell out of it a few years back and only just started watching again today
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  • SALIM28
    U know I don't like it or hate it. I kinda enjoy it if it's on TV😂
    Is this still revelant?
    • And that is completely fine :)
      Though I never get the opportunity to put my anime on the TV, all the anime I watch is on my Laptop.

    • SALIM28

      Do u watch series mostly?

    • Rarely, prefer something that is already completed.

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  • Phoenix98
    I watch it and enjoy it though I'm more of a fan of the classic hand drawn animation personally but I enjoy anime as a whole.

    What are some of your favorites?
    • Favorite anime would be A Silent Voice, favorite Manga would be Ghost Eyes :)
      Though I have so many favorites that picking a small amount feels unfair :D

    • Phoenix98

      Yeah that's fair.

  • i don't agree with this generally. yeah there are some animes that could and actually should be valued as much the greatest works of modern film-making and actually even philosophy.
    however you can not just ignore that huge pile of steaming horse shit that pushes everything super over the top and doesn't skip a single opportunity to show boobs or panties of often underaged characters, which is highly morally questionable...

    there's good and bad in anime and even though i like anime, i would have to concede, that the vast majority is actually shit...
    • I appreciate that you acknowledge that there are good anime that deserve praise and value.

      Regarding the rest, I am certainly willing to take a knee and agree that a vast majority of anime and manga does portray a lot of unnecessary sexual contents, indeed also with underage characters, often attempting to swerve around it by making a character that looks 10 actually be 400 years old or something.

      I would not however agree that it is actually shit, only on the principal that the efforts taken to draw so much and the imagination to think of things like this, even if I find a anime or manga unnecessarily lewd, I still respect the artists for their efforts, all-be-it not to my tastes.

    • i think it generally over sensationalizes stuff.

  • lilrevi
    I love anime but I have to watch it in secret because my family think its a cartoon for kids. such a hard life
    • Well a lot of people seem to think that, I don't let my parents watch it, but they know I watch it :p

    • lilrevi

      Yeah, I think my mom knows what I do in my room all day, She can basically hear my emotions through the door when I watch anime

  • winterfox10
    I had to laugh at the end there.

    "Anime Has To Be Appreciated More and Here's Why... To those who do NOT like anime, it is completely fine to not like it, but don't try to force another person into liking something you like or try to force them out of liking something they like... *P. s: I'm not trying to force people into liking anime..."

    To your point though; the love of any artistic medium is going to stem from people's ability to experience that medium in a low judgement environment. I personally can't watch anime; I just can't get into it. I appreciate the art styles, but the stories and the characters are just too weird for me to really enjoy. I gave Akira a watch (for those who don't know, Akira is like THE anime that defined the genre) and everything was great until they started getting into the plot of the story. Literally within 5 minutes they just lost me. You have to see art for what it is sometimes.
  • October808
    I HIGHLY recommend Ayakashi and the sequel Mononoke.

    "What is your fear?"
    • My fear is spiders and open spaces.
      I prefer snakes and tight spaces.

  • ShadowofRegret
    I love anime!😄

    Also, good take!😊
  • Biancatsumi1991
    I love animes.
    • It is a enjoyable thing and very wide in regards to genres :)

  • ChiPaPa
    Tis quite fun.
    • Indeed, Only yesterday I finally found a website that I could watch Patema Inverted on, every other website refused me but when it worked boy was I glad, watched that movie straight without any interruptions ^_^

  • sixxx
    What's ur favourite anime?
    • I have watched a lot, but the one that had the biggest impact on me must of been "A Silent Voice" that anime made me very emotional, the art style is my preference, the plot is absolutely amazing, the length of it is just right.

      Now, that one is a movie, regarding a series, I would say either Hunter x Hunter or Charlotte.

  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take.