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"JOKER" Movie Review: Breaking the Silence!

JOKER Movie Review: Breaking the Silence!

The first ever real movie you could watch that speak out the silence of reality. Well you heard me, I'll ask you one question, why do violence ever existed in the first place? Is it you or me? Or it is because of US.

In modern days 2020. We all want perfection, we all want what's trend and expensive. But why I choose this movie,.. because it speaks out the dying hunger society of entertainment and happiness. In some point, why do we watch media or news that feature KILLINGS, ROBBING and everything, yet has anyone of us act and do anything about it? None, because we just promote fear, but if any of you heard someone donating goods for families who become victims of someone's death. You'll never heard any story of it.



Society is run by a large group of critics where it promotes people to blend in. A clown, we pay a clown to entertain and give joy to people. Do we ever need a clown to keep us busy from stress? To entertain us for our own pleasure. This is what society promotes to keep us busy from all the stress. But the person who works to earn for it? Is it worth his life just to make you smile or for your laughter. Think again. Society is dying.. If you'll ever watch all music videos from 2020. You'll find girls displaying all those skin. When human becomes cheap. A sick society that promotes people for entertainment.

JOKER Movie Review: Breaking the Silence!


I can see how a girl wear make up to hide the shadow of natural face. The simplest look of a girl makes her ugly. Wearing make up makes her beautiful. And it's more devastating to see men wearing make up like compare to clowns. Why do we ever make fun of people, gays or lesbi. Do we deserve their energy? Should we laugh on them when they are serious? We see beauty when we say HAPPY, when we say POSITIVE. Have you ever done something like replace all positive words with NEGATIVE? Think every word you know with negative words. Yes, we don't want it because it's ugly. if I say, You're beautiful, You are amazing... We accept it. But if I say FUCK YOU! YOU MAKE MY HELL DAMN LIFE!. We started to hate. Why do this words even exist. In Modern age 2020. Saying " Fuck You! Is cool, it's classy, it's funny". Not everyone lives the same way that you do. If you started to care, positivity isn't enough anymore. We should makes steps to hear out and helped these people who tried to use negative words. Well, I know, that is the hardest thing we can do, but all we can do is to help our own self and mind our own life because life is difficult. But remember people lives more difficult than you. Just telling,.. I'M SORRY! POSITIVITY IS NOT ENOUGH... So please hear me out. I have my heart to help you. I know how it feels. I will replace that word in the picture. Put on a Happy face. I'm here to Put on a Sad face for you to carry out your burden and pain. I hope I could help you.

JOKER Movie Review: Breaking the Silence!


How does it feel to live in an hospital? How does it feel to live in a dirty place of trash because of poverty? We don't care because we can earn much more. We are breathing air conditioned. But today, I want you to feel the pain of many. So many people are sick and we need to act. We need to help them, give what you have because in this life. Your life would end anytime. And everything you have won't mean a thing. I'm saying this because I just want you to know. At least before you die, people would remember you, because you remember them when they are weak. With this movie the JOKER! Yes, you could hear all those laughters that we share,.. But please stop paying for pleasure, start caring more. Because if you'll be the one to carry those pain, You know everything you have isn't worth it. We have to make a noise. We have to carry others pain. It's more worthy than sitting in pleasures watching people die for entertainment.

JOKER Movie Review: Breaking the Silence!


Not all people are happy, everyone of us has pain to carry, everyone of us faces difficult situations. We need love. we need life., I learned how to thank people for everything. I learned how to appreciate the ugly things. I learned how to appreciate the darkness of people in need. Everyone is afraid, but I'm not. we need to help, we need to start talking to them... I experienced love, and I don't ask anything anymore for myself. Life doesn't really have a value when you die. People are more in need to replace those sadness with the same heart as you. I feel more sad, feeling that sadness can promote suicidal. That's true. I hope this my take can make a chance to feed out those feeling of your lost. For you to stand again. I can see you, and I appreciate this movie "JOKER" because we need to break out the silence in reality. We all need attention, And I speak for you. I will stop you from hurting people, I'm hear to listen...
I also live in a dark world before, here I am encouraging you to stay sain. I also felt those pain of sadness. The truth.,, this world is sad... it's now dying. it's sick, and I wish I could give a cure with this simple review.


JOKER Movie Review: Breaking the Silence!

Every shadow is part of us. Fear is our own nightmare created in our minds. I've seen terrible people.. I've seen how people hurt each other. We made this feeling of fear. But the hardest thing you can do is to face it. To stop making your mind.... I fear the pain, but now I'm not afraid to feel it. There is nothing you can do to escape this world. It's just one day we live and one day we die. Appreciate all these shadow as part of you.. Appreciate the beauty of life... Have the courage to face all difficulties. I'm not afraid of the dark anymore because I can see stars at night. I can see the beauty of the moon. I can see the beauty of night,... It's peaceful


Appreciate the movie joker! It will change you,, see things and stop being blind. Feel things.. Live more than your worth.

"JOKER" Movie Review: Breaking the Silence!
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Most Helpful Guys

  • The_man_whol_aughs
    Me I find the movie mediocre at best with the only extremely good thing being the soundtrack and Joaquin phoenix acting

    I'm not one of those critics who call it mediocre for celebrating white male violence or incel violence ( the movie is not even about getting a girl )

    I have just seen more darker and better movies which conveys how society creates monsters

    My biggest disappointment was that I was expecting something extremely dark , as people were continuously stating how many people found it dark and depressing and had to leave the theater

    When I watched the movie I was like " this is what people walked out of ".

    Otherwise I think it's a good movie but not a masterpiece
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  • wisefool
    just watched this movie and agree that it is overrated. the plot wasn't that great, neither were the action scenes or characters. the scary thing about the movie is the realism. you can understand how someone with a mental illness with a vendetta against the world could start committing murder. i was expecting the joker as some abstract eccentric character but not even close. the only thing i can praise the movie for is for raising awareness of mental illness and mistreatment of people, but at the same time it celebrates violence so it's hard to praise this movie.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • EleanorRigby
    People who need a movie to be aware of shit that is happening around are one of the causes that the world is so shitty.

    The movie was good. Didn't show anything new, except that it ruined the mistery of Joker. Joker is supposed to be a character with unknown past. It's what makes him who he is.

    I am 100% sure that none of the movie makers wanted to express the sadness or cruelty of the world. They wanted to make money. That's why they picked such a popular character. Add in a couple of shocking scenes and you have a "movie of the year". It's not a bad movie. It's just not a masterpiece and it doesn't deserve the hype.
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  • kymberz
    you absolutely just blew me away with this - like blew the breathe right out of me! oh my goodness - i love Joaquin and have not yet seen the movie. i would see the movie regardless because it's - it's Joaquin! but if you were inspired to write this and share it here after seeing the movie - yer darn tootins i am gonna see it now! your post is some of the most-inspired writing i have seen in a while. and i humbly and gratefully thank you!
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  • Robertcw
    You're right about the darkness of positivity.

    The whole 'just be happy -- things are great! 🥴' mindset is horrible.

    Things are great or they are not. The whole 'not with that attitude' mindset marginalizes and dismisses actual people with real hardships.

    It's just not realistic.
  • Celtero
    The movie tries to convey society created the Joker, but in the end it was simply fate... Ultimately it was just how his adoptive mother was abusive towards him and fucked him up.

    Us, the audience, had a strong desire for him to improve, for him to get better, but that was never going to happen.

    The Joker became a vessel people wanted to pour attribute attributes into. Rich vs the poor, damaged vs the privileged, givers vs takers.

    But he was just Chaos.
    • Robertcw

      That's why we need socialism. To provide when a fucked up family is incapable of providing. Society can fill those shoes instead.

    • Celtero

      @Robertcw How would things have been any different in a socialistic society?

    • Robertcw

      Well he would have had a living wage and healthy food to eat, for starters.

      Because of that he could have worked on his health at a young age to prevent being ugly.

      His mom could have gotten medical care for free, and his burden would be lifted.

      He could have a nicer apartment to live in and time to socialize like a normal human being. That's the whole premise of the joker.

      The character is the by product of our society, just like the incels.

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  • I look forward to watching it.
    People wear a lot of masks, which hide twisted wreckage trying to make sense and order of their experiences.

    I think this way... we have to be honest and open, when it is safe... vulnerable. that is the path to the happy place. We do need a place of acceptance, connection, and opportunity to give back. Press the wrong buttons on a person, gonna get a joker...
  • Bananaman177
    The memes are supreme.
  • LoU_Hades
    Good read but this movie didn't awake in me any kind of cognitive dissonance. Violence without any goal just for the sake of self-gratification is probably the highest form of mental degeneracy.
  • Hunter7754
    The people that are trashing the Joker movie for 'celebrating white male violence' are most likely suffering from a guilty conscience because they themselves have most likely participated in ostracizing others that aren't just like them and are complicit when it comes to how we treat the mentally ill terribly.

    Snobby critics are just projecting their own guilty consciences onto society.
    • anniisa

      Couldn't help but laugh. People have actually been complaining about it because he is a white male who resorted to violence? Wtf πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ everyone is way too privileged nowadays damn.

  • I really enjoy watching films about people who are kind, happy, upbeat, but deep down inside they hate themselves and they wanna die or they are suffering a lot but put on a happy face to mask all the pain they feel inside. I think it's maybe because I'm like that...
  • Kaneki05
    Clearly never seen films since joker isn't very original. Many films have show what your talking about and done it even better a couple have anyway.

    i like this film but it ain't all that lol.
  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Kudos to Joaquin Phoenix for his impressive acting.
    Unfortunately, the movie just isn't my cup of tea.
  • Daniela1982
    Violence has been around since Cain killed Abel and it will never end.
  • Clarity01
    I liked the movie a lot, it reminds me of what happened to my mom's cousin and it's something I want people to be aware of.
  • Rangers
    I liked the movie, it reminded me of my time as a psychopath
  • hillbilly311
    if people are honest about themselves... everyone has a dark side or most people do... it takes effort to do the what's right
  • nicholas8920
    i haven't seen this movie yet but i'm going to soon when i buy the dvd
  • Jltakk
    Taxi driver and falling down exist though.
  • Kingfish3447
  • ElvenMr
    Too bad this movie has nothing to do with Joker :I
    • Kaneki05

      Ikr a film with joker just slapped on to the name just for more publicty move. Wether been good or not is another matter but that alone is cheap.

  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
  • Anonymous
    You lost me at the makeup thing.