From Madagascar, young voices of joy.


Zaza Kanto's members are 11 to 16 years old. They live financially impoverished lives, but their music reveals a rich love of life and that art and joy flows through every human experience. They sound like younger versions of Ladysmith Black Mombaza. Like glorious, little brown
angels. I hope they're recorded before their voices change.

From Madagascar, young voices of joy.
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  • Anonymous
    No! Bantus are invaders in Madagascar and need to be expelled back to Mozambique! Madagascar rightfully belongs to the Austronesian peoples and the bloody Bantu expansions have brought nothing but pain and suffering to the island.

    Not just that, but black Bantu Africans should ALL go back to West Africa too. They aren't native to most of the continent, and spread out through conquest and genocide.
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    • Anonymous

      Also, they sound like Minions from Despicable 3 singing about bananas.

    • You know, those boys were born in Madagascar. I guess their people migrated to Madagascar. These CHILDREN have nothing to do with invasions, migration, conquest or genocide. This is only about their singing and harmonizing beautifully. They are young boys and do not sound like grown men. Their skill is they harmonize naturally. This has nothing to do with politics. To compare them to cartoons is insulting. You don't have to like their SINGING. Their songs are not about bananas.

  • Creepazoid
    they are good. I love it. Id pay to see them perform, im sure theyd put on a great show
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    • Creepazoid

      I really like it.

    • Somebody's got to record those boys... Those pretty harmonies won't last long past puberty...

    • Creepazoid

      Nah, if they keep it up it will

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  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
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    Awesome. ☺
    • I was wowed too... somebody record those boys!!!