Feminists; why are you destroying all women's image?

I am 22 years old and I am extremely old fashioned. As a woman I feel that it is my duty to please my man at the end of the day. I feel it is my job to do the house work, look after the children and cook my husband big meals to feed him after his long day at work. I feel it is my job to agree with my husband and let him make decisions because at the end of the day, even if I believe his decisions are wrong, it makes him happy to know that I will stand beside him through his decisions. I work full time and so does my husband. If my husband had it his way, I would be as stay at home mom. But given that today is so financially hard on everyone, I have to work. Don't get me wrong, I love working. My social life is while I am working. And no, this isn't because of my husband. This is because I would rather sit at home with my husband, rubbing his back, watching a movie with him and sucking his dick than have nights out on the town with random "girl friends" that these days will destroy you for the simple sake of saying they can. The money I make is OUR money. We don't have separate bank accounts. There's no need for it.
I have been asked on numerous occasions why I believe this way and upon telling people why I do, they will say things like "This is 2015 you know. You shouldn't be doing anything for your husband. You're not his mom." Or the men will say "He's a bitch. No man will do anything for a woman these days if they knew any better. After all, women will only fuck you over." Is this really the image that men get about ALL women because of the radical, ignorant feminists? If my husband and I want to go about our lives in an old fashioned manner then why can't people just shut up and allow us to live our lives? I don't bash on the men who sit there with their tails tucked between their legs whom have become more feminine than half of the female population. I don't sit there and ridicule the women who have completely destroyed their lives and the lives of many men on the simple fact that they think they are far more superior than them!
Is it really so hard to accept that not everyone follows the beliefs of today's society? Honestly?
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Just to clear things up, my coworkers are feminists who do a lot of man hating and nothing else. This is what I am going off of in my post. Where they are the only people I am socialized with, though its for work purposes.
Feminists; why are you destroying all women's image?
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