Want to play? Name that Puppy! Kahoot! Game 🌏📱🐶?

Okay I'm gonna try something a bit crazy, and I want to see if this will work out internationally. This is SO much fun to play in groups, but I wanna see if it will work on a global level.

This is an online quiz we're gonna compete against each other in :P. If you want to join, this is all you have to do:

1. click this url: https://kahoot.it/#/ [best from ur phone or iPad but u can use a laptop if u want]

2. where it says GAME PIN, enter the following: 664929

3. Press ENTER, type in your nickname [use your GaG username so we know you!]

4. Press, OK, go!

You'll see your username pop up on the screen! Once I get about 10-20 players in, I'll press start on the quiz from my end, since I'm the admin. If this ACTUALLY works, I'll make a quiz about GaG and try get as many people as possible.

This is just a trial okay so if it goes bad I'm sorry haha! :D
okay we have 5 so far WOOOOO IT'S WORKING GUYS! :D
OMG WE HAVE 11! ok ill wait like 5 more mins then ill start it :P it is timed by the way guys lol.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm in!

    • YASS GIRL! :D

    • Is the whole point of this game just guessing from shapes? Because that's all I'm doing, I don't see any puppies at all! :(

    • lol i know what i did wrong. i didn't link u the pictures lmao! i thought they show up! ill do better next time

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