BTS ARMY Fanclub Members Help! - Question About Fan Mail?

Hey there!

So I'd like to send the Bangtan boys a letter, but I'm honestly a little afraid that they won't be able to get/read it, on account of how hectic their schedules are.

I've seen some videos of them reading fan mail, but those were apparently taken shortly after the group had first started (2013 - 2014ish)- basically, before they really rose to the level of fame they're at now.

I don't want to have done so much work only for them to never know of my existence. And I'm not saying this from a fan's perspective - I'm saying this from the human perspective.

So, ARMY Fanclub - Do they read fan mail EVEN NOW? I'm assuming your group knows, because you go to every concert/event that they have, and you've been to their fan meet ups. So.. do they?


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  • They definitely do read some fan letters and even reply to some, but I can't guarantee that they'd read every single one, with their schedules and the amount of letters they get, it'd be nearly impossible to guarantee they read them all.
    I think you should definitely give it a shot though!

    • I've never written letters before, either (I forgot to mention that, lol).. I'm studying Korean so that I'll be able to talk with them, I really don't want that time to be wasted if they never actually even see the letter. Does that make sense?

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    • It would definitely be one of the best 21st birthday presents if I had ever heard of one, haha. I just have to get the tickets when they become available >_<.

    • That would be an amazing present! I hope they come to Europe because I was going to go to Kcon in Paris to see them but I didn't have enough money at the time :'(

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  • sorry never even heard of this group , I would suspect most bands get a lot of fan mail or requests online to follow them , you'd need to find a way to stand out somehow


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  • Isn't that a Kpop group, I think my sister saw them

  • Who that?

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    • @Lynx122 I know only one song by Monsta X, lol. And with BigBang, I tried listening to them as a group, but I couldn't get into it. I preferred listening to their solo work, like Taeyang's and Seungri's stuff.

      And I think the only girl group I ever listened to was some group by the name of Orange Caramel (I think). It was so long ago though, and I haven't listened to any girl groups since then xD but it makes sense to me - why watch other girls, when I could watch all these guys instead xD

    • The question I made has guy groups in them but you can check out the girls anyway :P. Yes Orange Caramel I actually put themon my list ;).

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