My Top 10 Favorite Korean Girl Groups

#1 2NE1

This group is the best ! :P They have great songs and are crazy good at live performances. They have so much energy and stage presence and they're really talented. All 4 have good vocals and CL is a sick rapper and Minzy is really good at dancing as well as singing.

They're just the most badass girl group of all time! They have a more hip-hop influenced style and are kind of an outlier if you compare them to the average Kpop group; not a lot of groups go in this direction which is sad :(. They have been active since 2009, but sadly Minzy left recently because she had differences with the entertainment company.

CL has had the most solo activity and she is amazing. She has recently started a U.S. solo career as well. She has only released one song so far and will soon release a second which sounds awesome. I hope she does well.

#2 Girl's Generation aka SNSD

They are the most popular and successful girl group in Korea they have been active since 2007, over 9 years now. They have a more cute and pop style than 2NE1 (more in line with the standard KPop girl group) but they have done a variety of styles. 1 member left in 2015 to start a fashion line and a solo career. But they are still active as 8.

#3 Girl's Day

They've been active since 2010 they had a very strong focus on cuteness and being the perfect girlfriends etc. when they first debuted. Since then, they have varied their songs more as their careers went on but they're still adorable.

#4 Blackpink

This group is from the same company as 2NE1 and they're only the second girl group that the company has created. Their debut was 7 years after 2NE1. They just debuted in August of this year but have already had massive success not just nationally but internationally. Their album was actually number 1 on the U.S. iTunes album charts and they were number 1 on Billboard international charts and also on Spotify they were ranked very highly, and hit number 1 in the charts of about 17 countries with their debut.

There was a lot of excitement also from me :P. They have only released 4 songs so far but they're all pretty good to very good. In Korea groups usually release smaller amounts of music but release it more often and then promote a lot.

#5 Crayon Pop

Crayon Pop is a very unique group. They were rejected by the music shows that are super important in Korea. There's 7 music shows on TV where the idols go and promote their songs and people watch. But if you don't get on there it's very hard to succeed. Crayon Pop was rejected because they were too weird .

But they performed on the streets for months and built a fan base and got feedback and then they had a hit Bar Bar Bar with a catchy melody and dance and became popular. They're still sort of underrated in my opinion. They're cute dorky and weird, but they do everything with such enthusiasm and dedication that I just love them :).

#6 AOA

I'm pretty sure they're the best looking KPop group at the moment. They're so pretty and they have mastered the art of being super sexy but still having an innocent, cute kind of vibe. Their name stands for Ace of Angels and they deserve it :). They also have a bunch of good songs.

#7 f(x)

They were the first group I discovered but I haven't liked the newer stuff they did as a group as much as their older stuff, so they dropped down a bit. But I still like their stuff mostly. This was their first KPop song I found and it hooked me somehow :P.

#8 Wa$$up

This is a group that nobody knows; they're super underrated. They have a small company and they haven't been able to really sell anything in Korea. They had some success in China but they're barely hanging on. They were supposed to have a comeback, as they had a crowdfunding but it got delayed because of an injury and now it got delayed again. I don't know what's going on. They're one of the few groups that isn't going for cute but more hip-hop influenced, so it would be a shame if they disappeared.

#9 Orange Caramel/Afterschool

There used to be a group called Afterschool that was quite popular, but they've been on hiatus for ages because their company has money troubles the sub-unit with only 3 members has been quite successful. So they're only keeping them active and trying to make as much money as possible with lower costs to stay alive. I like songs from the bigger group and from the sub-unit. Orange Caramel usually has very unique and creative videos and they've also made some with a story or a message.

#10 Kara

Honestly at the bottom of this list it gets quite difficult and I change my mind from time to time. There are a lot of groups and many could be on the list, so numbers 9 and 10 are always hard.

This group started in 2007 and they had success but eventually disbanded. They switched members a few times someone left and they brought in someone new.

This song is my favorite by them; I love it :). And the music video is great as well.

Other groups that I like and were close are:

4Minute, T-ara, Sistar, Miss A, Oh My Girl, April, Red Velvet, Wonder Girls, Hello Venus and more : P

I made this in case anybody wants to check out Kpop and also just for fun.

What do you like? :)


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  • While my wife likes K-Pop, J-Pop, and other styles of Asian Pop. I prefer Epic music, Trailer music, Cinematic music, Soundtracks, Classical music, Folk music, Electronica, Metal Celtic music, Fantasy music, (dark) Heroic music... and other related genres. The only musical genre we have in common is the Anime J-Pop soundtrack.


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  • I love SNSD! Great voices, adorable as fuck!


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What Girls Said 4

  • Have you heard of wonder girls and Miss A? I like them too! From your list above I like 2ne1 and girls generation

  • great onee

  • good list

  • I used to like k-pop when i was like 10 til im 14 😂
    I know the 2ne1, dara is naturally beautiful, also SNSD they're pretty but majority got surgeries, and f (x) the lesbian one is beautiful

    • Just because she's a tomboy doesn't mean she's a lesbian. She could be but I don't know. She never made a statement. I think she could be straight I don't know. I only discovered kpop 4 years ago I'm pretty into it but I still listen to a lot of other stuff :P.

    • i don't know much about k-pop, at that age i only cared for the beat

What Guys Said 6

  • i really dont rate the music but love the look of all the sexy girls

  • I think my yellow fever is tingling 😶

  • I don't know any of these groups but number 4, 6, 8 and 10 are definitely the hottest, excellent Take ;)

  • Is this like a gay thing or what's this whole thing about?

  • i wish i could have sex with all these woman at once

  • Honestly looking at (3) Girl's day, I can't decide who I'd want to make out with more in a five some with those lovely ladies. OMG they are hot. As in when will they visit my country, I'll have my place ready, only 1 bed, but no problem right? :-D

    Seriously, f**k me those four are hot. A five some would be insane.