The 7 Best Korean Rappers


I've been into hip hop since I was 14. I started with 50 Cent and Eminem but then I deiscovered a lot more :P. I also listened to German rap a lot and some French as well. In 2012/13 I discovered Kpop and there's also Korean hip hop. I liked the more hip hop influenced pop stuff but I didn't get into the pure rap songs that much because lyrics are important to me and I didn't understand them XD. I speak german and french so this was not a problem before. You can look up translations but it's not really the same understanding word play etc. But in the end I decided to just kinda jump in even though I had reservations. I already knew a bunch of rappers but I never fully immersed myself before and then I kinda did.

Anyway this is just a list of the people I think are good and you can check out ^^

1. G-Dragon

He's an all around good artist, producer, rapper, singer even dancer although he doesn't do that as much ^^

2. CL

She's part of my favorite group in Kpop 2NE1 she's an amazing performer and has great stage presence and is just badass :P She's also a good singer too ^^


He's very popular and famous atm. He also has quite a lot of stage presence and is a good performer and he really focuses on rapping whereas some other people on the list also do other things. He's pretty good :P

4. Jay Park

This first song is actually in English so you can understand what he's saying ^^ He owns his own label and is signing quite a lot of people they're pretty successful and he also makes his own music still ^^

5. Changmo

He's pretty new but I think he's very good and will go far. Just watch this one MV and you can make up your own mind ;)

6. Tymee

Besides CL she's my favorite female rapper from Korea she has a lot of skill and a lot of fire.

In Korea there's a show called Unpretty Rapstar and they sell it as tough rapper girls going up against each other and she's saying that's not true in this song. And she calls out other girls to step up their game basically XD

7. T.O.P

T.O.P stands for The Official Pimp lol He's from the same Group as G-Dragon he has some pretty good stuff ^^

Some pictures would have been good too but I wouldn't have enough videos then :P I hope someone enjoyed at least one of the songs :)

This is just a few people I think are worth mentioning so if someone is not on the list don't freak out ^^

Peace and have a good day ;)

The 7 Best Korean Rappers
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  • Whatthefluff
    Nice list, thank you! I never knew ANY Korean musicians, and now I do!
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    Is this still revelant?
    • Lynx122

      np :) Glad you liked it :P

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  • PinguGD
    GD is my ub😊 and Jay Park is so good.
    Do you like Epik High?
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    • Lynx122

      I've seen some of their stuff they're not bad but I never really go ino it but maybe when they come out with new stuff I'll become a fan XD

  • Himig_Ng_Pag-ibig
    The live version of Good Boy was even doper
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  • TheINTJ
    I looove the Bermuda Triangle.
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  • BlackMaleYou
    Jark Park is on top. Listen to Jay Park Put em up
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