Top 10 Best Epic Rap Battles of History

This is the Top Ten list of Best epic rap battles of history an online Youtube sensation thats inception was in 2010. Created by Peter Shukoff (a.k.a. Nice Peter) and Lloyd Ahlquist (a.k.a. EpicLLOYD).

2015 26th Producers Guild of America Awards Outstanding Digital Series Nominated Epic Rap Battles of History

No. 10 : Einstein VS Steven Hawking

Views: 93m

No. 9: Barack Obama VS Mitt Romney

Awards: 1st YouTube Music Awards Video of the Year Nominated "Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney"


No. 8: One of the never ending debates Mac or PC?

Awards:2013 3rd Streamy Awards Best Writing: Comedy Nominated Peter Shukoff, Lloyd Ahlquist
Best Online Musician Won Peter Shukoff
Best Original Song Won Peter Shukoff/Lloyd Ahlquist ("Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates")


No. 7: Mozart VS Skrillex

Views: 74m

No. 6: Zeus VS Thor

Views: 20.8m

No. 5: Jack the Ripper VS Hannibal Lecter

Views: 24m

No. 4: Goku VS Superman

Views: 55.2m

No. 3: Darth Vader VS Hitler 1/2/3

Views: NULL

No. 2: Billy Mays VS Ben Franklin

May be in bad taste but lol

Billy mays in Pakistan: fires off a few clips of ammo.
Terrorists: Oh thank Allah he's done.
Billy mays: BUT WAIT there's MORE! continues firing

Views: 38m

No. 1: Rasputin vs Stalin

Views: 63.4m

My personal favorite, runs through the entire history of russia in the last 100+ years.

Any others just leave a comment and video:)


Most Helpful Girl

  • What about

    -Ghandi v Martin Luther King Jr. <3
    -Batman v Sherlock Holmes
    -Michael Jackson v Elvis
    -Justin Beiber v Beethoven
    -Stephen King v Edgar Allan Poe <3
    -and the burn of all burns Bruce Lee v Clint Eastwood

    • I could've included the beibs and beethoven one but then it wouldn't be a top ten list! which one would you have taken out?

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    • I could agree with that I could've done better on the #7. Nooooo don't discount Billy Mays!!:( #1 For me was impressive

    • I like 1 for the same time I like 2. Smart and great references.

Most Helpful Guy

  • There are 10 million million million million milllion million million milllion million million particles in the universe,
    Your mama took the ugly ones and put them into one nerd.

    Dude, I think Gandhi Vs MLK jr. Should be in top 10, its too hilarious.


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  • Ghandi vs M. L. K was fucking gr8 too.
    Key and Peeleā¤

    • Oh the Hannibal and Jack one brought the moisture and The Mario and Lugi vs The Wright bros was awesome too

  • I like the Adam vs Eve :D Its got nice music there and the way Adam says sorry first... ooolalala!


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