The 3 best girl groups in Kpop right now!!


I had a good day today and I feel like some of the weight has been lifted off me that came along with moving house and a bunch of other stuff that's been stressing me out. So now I can finally get back to writing the mytakes you've all been waiting for 🤣🤣🤣

Here we go!


They're my favorite of the newer girl groups. They're talented performers and everything they release is quality. Their concepts have a lot of thought put into them, the production is good you can tell the company invests in this group but they don't just throw money at it everything has care put into it. Their music videos are so good. Their songs are just good, every member can stand alone. They have their own identity and style but they can easily bring variety into it while still being themselves.

Love the Sin City visuals, the outfits and the disco type song everything is good.

Here's them covering an older groups song and having fun

One of their best B-sides


This group is quite new but has managed to put themselves at the front of the comeback of uplifting positive cute type songs. In 2016 before Blackpink debuted pretty much all girl group songs were cute songs it was way too much. Then more fierce songs started to come back again and that trend kept growing, now we're at a point where a lot of people want more simple enjoyable songs again. There are quite a few newer groups who are going in this direction but Weeekly have put themselves at the front of the pack.

Their songs are catchy, enjoyable, you can just listen to them no matter how your day is going and feel better. They're a group of friends that a lot of girls wish they had and that's probably a big reason why they're popular.

It's rare for a group to know exactly what they're going for right from the start and pull it off so well. A lot of these entertainment companies might pretend to put so much thought and resources into coming up with a group that will sell well but they really just copy whatever is popular or fail in the execution or don't promote the group etc. There's so many ways they can mess it up so when everything goes well it's admirable.

Oh My Girl

This is the oldest group on the list and also the most popular, in Korea at least. They have lots of Talent and they've experimented with different styles of songs for quite a while.

It's quite rare for a group to do a balad type song because usually it just doesn't get as much attention. In the past more groups did it to show their vocals and to be multi faceted and more than just an idol group but today it's all about being flashy and most groups don't have the guts to do a slow song anymore.

Here they had a song with quite a weird structure and some middle eastern influences but this is one of my favorite songs by them. They continued to make different kinds of songs. It was clear from the start that they had a lot of talent in the group and they had decent success but they didn't break through to be one of the top groups.

They participated in a show called queendom(a performance from the show above) and this show gave them quite a bit of exposure and they used this to release a new song which became their biggest hit yet...

This song was at the top or close to the top of the korean charts for quite a while. Even with this success though they haven't started trying to rely on one formula to make money they continue to switch it up. I personally didn't like their latest song called Dun Dun Dance but I still consider them one of the best girl groups, they have everything it takes!

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The 3 best girl groups in Kpop right now!!
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