My Top Kpop Songs of 2016

Hi ! :) As you may have noticed I like Kpop although I do listen to a lot of other music aswell my main genre is hip hop but I listen to a lot of different things.

So I made a list of the Kpop songs that I personally thought were the best of 2016 it was quite a bit of work ^^ it took hours but I did finish it. I didn't make it for this site but I thought I could share it maybe some of you would like some of the songs just give them a try ;). I like to look aound for new things but not everybody has the same interest in discovery but maybe this can make it easier for someone :). Only songs with Music videos are included because it would have been too much work and I haven't listened to all the non title tracks of every group.

Anyway let's get started :)

#1 Taeyeon - Rain

This song is so beautiful and peacful and kind of pondering, whistful and melancholic. I don't know i just love it. It came out at the very beginning of 2016 but I have loved it for the whole year ^^. She is the leader of a group but this is a solo obviously. She's the best singer in the group and has a beautiful voice. She's had a bunch of solo songs but this one is my favorite and one of my favorite Kpop songs overall.

#2 BlackPink - Whistle

This group had their debut in August of this year and they're awesome :). They have released 4 MVs so far this one I like the most. They have a more hip hop influenced more badass image than most girl groups and they're also very talented. I was excited about thembefore they even came out and they lived up to the hype that they had.

#3 NCT U - The 7th Sense

This group also came out this year. With them it's a bit confusing the company has a bunch of trainees in the NCT group and they just sort of mix and match them in to different units for different songs. Some units are permanent and others change etc.

This was the first unit that came out and I really like this song the instrumental is so cool and the choreography is sick and i just like it a lot ^^


I'm mostly into girlgroups in kpop but BIGBANG they are my favorite guy group most of their album was released last year but they released the last 3 songs and the full album just a few days ago. First I didn't have them on the list because it was very hard to rank a song that just came out against other songs that have been out for a long time but I decided to put them in here because the song is good ^^. The leader G-Dragon actually writes or Cowrites their songs and they are more creative and artistic and focused on music than a lot of other groups that's probably one of the reasons why they are super popular. Sadly they have to do military service soon and that will mean no more music for 2 years or more from them. But I hope they will come back.

#5 Gfriend - Rough

This one is sort of a different style of song, more standard Kpop. This group is not one of my favorites but I really loved this song and the choreography is also super beautiful and elegant. it's like they're figure skating or doing ballet. I feel like their songs are too similar and mostly not that interesting but with this one everything just came together at least for me.

#6 Monsta X - All In

This song is about going All in for a girl. I don't know why they chose not to show that in the MV. In Korea even though they are very anti gay (sad) it is very normal for guys and girls among eachother to be very touchy when they're friends. And that is evident in this video ^^. There is a concept behind it but overall I thought it was not a good MV they have a lot better ones. but the song was still good though :).

#7 Taemin - Press Your Number

This song was cowritten by Bruno Mars and there's even a video on youtibe where you can hear him sing it but I guess he didn't like it that much so he sold it. And I really like what came out of it . This song is great :).

#8 Tiffany - I Just Wanna Dance

She's from the same group as the girl in #1 and this is her solo. I like the whole album and I liked this song as soon as I heard it :).

#9 BlackPink - Boombayah

The same group again ? Yes! :P This was the second MV of their debut and it's also very good. Some people liked it more than the other song but I put them in this order.

#10 Lee Hi - Breathe

She is actually a real solo artist she does not belong to any group and just has her own songs. She has a very beautiful voice and this song is very nice :). It starts a bit slow but keep listening it's worth it !!! :)

#11 BTS - Fire

This song is for getting pumped up ^^. It's about the pressures of life and letting it all go or burning it up and just having a good time.

#12 Oh My Girl - Windy Day

This is another more standard Kpop song. By that I mean more love song and cute style etc. Oh My Girl are one of the best newer groups that go the more traditional route. Even though they follow a traditional style they are very creative with their songs and music videos. They usually make quality songs :).

#13 Dalshabet - Someone like U

I didn't really like this group before this but I really like this song a lot. It's about hem wanting the cheater to meet someone like him. It's very catchy and the retro style works well. I don't know I just really like the song ^^.

#14 B.A.P - Skydive

I had to use a live performance for this because the MV is like 11 minutes long and has half a action movie in it and you have to wait to even hear the song. I don't follow this group at all I knew they existed but that was it but this song got stuck in my head I think it's good :).

#15 Taeyeon - Why

Another solo by Taeyeon another beautiful song :). I don't like it quite as much as number 1 but it's still very good :).

I hope you try some of the songs if you have some time and maybe find something you like :). Everybody has a different taste so not everybody will like it but I hope one or 2 :).

Ok Bye Have a good day ;)


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  • I love most of these but Dean, Zico and Crush - Bermuda Triangle is easily my favourite

    • I had that at number 18^^ well 19 with Bigbang. But they only allow 15 videos :P
      But I'm glad you liked most of them :3

  • BlackPink - Whistle is my new ringtone)
    best of the best

  • Good list!


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