A Kpop song for each year this decade :)


When I saw @SpiderManFan2002 s mytake A Pop Song For Each Year This Decade (2010s)😂

I had to make one too :)

so let's get into it.


2NE1 is one of my favorite groups and they brought out a great album that year. They're actually all great singers but in their early songs they used a lot of autotune just for the style of it I think. They're a very unique group that don't fit the style of other kpop girl groups at all but that's why I love them their presence and confidence and coolness is amazing :).


In 2011 there were a lot more options than in 2010 so the choie is tougher but I have to go with The Boys by Girls' Generation the best selling Kpop girl group album to this day. This is where they went from stars to legends :). They even performed this song on Letterman which is kinda weird but epic ^^


2012 was the year Gangnam Style came out and also Fantastic Baby which is one of the most famous songs in Kpop but I wanna give this spot to That XX by G-Dragon. He's a rapper but he has a incredible variety in his music and this song is one of my favorites by him because of that. He's alone just singing about a girl he likes who's with a guy who's cheating on her but she's the only one who can't see it. I just like the vulnerability and intimacy of this song and how he switched up his style so much from other songs he did but makes it seem effortless.


In 2013 G-Dragon released one of the best K-Pop albums ever Coup D'Etat but he already got mentioned so I'm giving this year to: One of the most underrated groups and one of my favorite groups Crayon Pop. They got famous for this song but they have a lot of other good songs. Bing Bing, Dancing Queen, Saturday Night etc. I loved their enthusiasm and their courage the way they bought into their concept 100% even though it looks weird to someone who sees it for the first time. And their road to fame is also a very touching story. Sadly Soyul my bias got pregnant and left the group and they haven't come back since.


The competition keeps getting tougher. The song I hose this time is one of the first boygoup songs I liked since I started out with only girl groups. This song really makes an impact. I still don't understand how this song didn't blow up more in Korea but it definitely deserves this spot :).


In 2015 Monsta X debuted and I liked them from the start. My favorite song by them is Rush but this song made bigger impact. I remember watching this video over and over just for the view alone. I was blown away by the city and I knew I had to go there one day. I've already been there now but I'm gonna go back again :P. The song is also really good, catchy and energetic :)


I chose this song as my favorite Kpop song of the year in 2016 and I can't disagree with it now. I love the calming beautiful atmosphere and her singing. The MV is a work of art, it's just great all around. Taeyeon is from the group Girls's Generation who is also on this list and this was her second solo song.


I decided to mix it u a bit here to represent some different styles of music too :) I'm a big fan of Sik K everything he makes I just like I also like pH-1 and Jay Park there's some really good solo artists out there. There's a lot of good korean hip hop and R&B even though most people don't agree with me on that one. It's true though!


One of my favorite groups I can't stop being a fanboy ^^. Their dancing is insane, I love the more hip hop influenced style everything they do is so clean. A lot of people don't seem to get their style of music but to me it's amazing.


I might have taken some libeties and not always picked a song that represented the year as a whole or was super popular but some lesser known artistsalso deseve the spotlight sometimes. In 2019 this was my favorite Kpop song. It doesn't even have a music video yet it was made for the finale of a TV show. The show was about girl groups covering each others songs but in the finale each goup performed a new original song. There were a lot of good ones but this one won't let me go. I love the song and the performance.

I hope you liked at least one of the songs let me know if you did.

Have a nice day :)

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A Kpop song for each year this decade :)
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  • SpiderManFan2002
    Hey! Thanks for the little shoutout :P

    Honestly, this was a nice and interesting read- I only just discovered Kpop pretty recently, in 2018, because I have some Kpop crazy friends lol. I don't really know much Kpop bands or singers other than Blackpink and BTS (I know I'm a noob lol) and my favourite Kpop song has to be "Save me" by BTS.

    Good MyTake I enjoyed it very much :)
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  • Kaneko915
    I think Laughter by Zia is the best song of 2010. Most people don't know it but it's probably the best kpop song and definitely video of all time. I can't even watch it without crying
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  • FrenchyRomain
    what about Twice? i love Breakthrough and Fancy :(
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  • Jaredthejedi06
    Nice choices. I like the list
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