Kpop Summer Songs for YOU ! :P

Oh My Girl - Coloring Book

Oh My Girl is a pretty underrated girl group in my opinion. They're quite talented and they have had quite a lot of variety in their songs as well. This is more of a standard one but it's still pretty good. They also have some other summery songs like Windy Day which I really like and Aing which I don't like as much but was popular .


Next is probably the biggest story of the year (in Kpop) when it comes to summer songs. Winner is a group that has been around for quite a while already. They're from a big entertainment company but the compay has even bigger groups. Also they had some troubles and one of their members left. So they didn't release new music for a long time. This year they came back and one of their songs became the summer song at least for early summer ^^. It was a big hit and that was not guaranteed or even expected. Many groups can lose a lot of fans if they're gone for a long time and it's hard to make up a deficit in this business because there's always new young groups that get a lot of attention. So you kind of have to stay on top once you're up there or you'll be in trouble.

Before they made more sad love songs and stuff like that more acoustic and slow. They also released a slower song along with this one which was pretty good but this song got most of the attention.

What's even more impressive is that the company saw the big success and immediately worked on a follow up. Since this song came out they have released quite a few songs with other artists and singles and full albums and they had to make music videos. And also a world tour, and they have more stuff coming out that tehy already had to work on earlier of course. Somehow they still managed to react to this success and make 2 new songs and music videos in a short time.

I'm writing about this because they're also summer songs and they're quite good ! :)

This might be the best song of the 3 it's super chill. They kinda have that chill quality that made them successful with these songs I think ^^


She released 2 solo songs and both were pretty good. I like the first one more personally and I'm also a fan of Changmo who's a good rapper that will have a lot of success in my opinion ^^. But the second one is also not bad.

Red Velvet - Red Flavor

This is also a pretty big hit and I think it deserves to be ^^ I was never 100% a fan of Red Velvet I liked some of their songs especially the earlier ones but I never got fully pulled in and their last few releases were not for me at all but this song I really liked it's more their original style and it's just a good song and a good summer song in general :P

Girl's Generation

My second favorite kpop group has reached their 10 year ! anniversary. That's pretty insane only very few groups manage that. They were extremely successful and popular and that's why they're still around and that's why they're still successful today. Sadly there's been kind of a drop off in their charting and their youtube views but that's because most of their fans are not 14-17 now but 24-30 or so ^^. They have other resposibilities. But they still have tons of fans who love them very much. For me they're still the queens of Kpop even though some haters might say otherwise.

At the end I have to throw in this song even though it's not really a summer song it's one of the best korean songs of the year in my opinion and it hasn't been noticed very much. So I'll just give it a shoutout here ! :) For the 2 people who willread this and scroll this far XD

I hope you found something you liked and have a nice day :)


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  • Wow. That was awesome. I wish I lived in Korean lol to see a live show. Although I don't understand the lyrics I like the sound. I honestly love Korean modern culture. lol I literally watch k-drama 24/7 lol.


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  • Nice Read. ill check out Coloring Book.


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