I like some Kpop boygroups and no I'm not gay lol

When I first discovered Kpop I just watched a few videos on youtube but I slowly but surely got sucked in and started liking groups learning the names or just remembering them etc. I only liked girl groups in the beginning. As I got more ino it there were single songs by some male groups that I liked but I still didn't like any groups then I discovered some boygroups had multiple songs that I liked and I started liking groups over time. I still like a lot more girl groups and know more about them, etc.

But this made me think about the allergic reaction that many guys have to this kind of stuff. I feel like many are insecure, they feel like people will think less of them if they like anything like this so it's like a automatic rejection. It doesn't even hate to be conscious. I'm not saying everybody should like this music or any of these groups eveybody can like what they want.

My main genre is still hip hop and I lisen to a ton of different stuff. I hate most of the western pop music because it's so factory produced and they try to push it on you everywhere I don't know I just don't like western pop at all there's only a few exceptions.But I think it's important not to let general expectations and opinions influence yourself. I've always been very sceptical of people doing things because other people do them or ideas that are just accepted but can often be wrong etc.

I don't know I think it's a lot better if you can like something that other people think is weird or "gay" or whatever and just not care. Confidence and beeing comfortable with yourself is good, I guess that's what I'm saying lol.

I'll post some music videos and performances so you can decide if you like any of it yourself.

My favorite male group is BIGBANG but they're not really a traditional "boygroup" so I'll just post one of their songs and move on ^^

They usually make a lot of hip hop influenced badass songs but this is more the opposite.

I think it's really good because it's a sad song but it's also kinda happy and the MV is too. But the melancholy in the voices in the chorus really brings across the sadness. I don't know it just has a perfect balance and that really expresses what the song is about.

My second favorite boygroup Monsta X believe it or not they are more on the edgy side lol. I liked them because they also had some hip hop influences and more heavy basslines etc.

This song is my favorite because it has a great beat the whole song just has a lot of energy and I get into it ^^

The second one is a performance of their latest song it also has their kind of signature sound with the bassline but it's mixed with a more sweet love song. The dance break is sick though !! love it The whole performance is really good and the stage etc.

The 3rd group is BTS they are super popular, I'm not as obsessed with them as the fans there's quite a few songs I don't like from them but there's also quite a few good ones :)

This is a great one it doesn't have a music video but is still very popular. It's about privileged rich people pretty much. They use word play because in korean the words try-hard and silver spoon sound like 2 birds. And they're comparing themselves to the smaller bird that can't keep up. The playing field is not even but the rich guy just tells them to work harder etc.

They have a lot of songs with social messages like about the pressures young kids face in school and for their career. Korea has the highest suicide rate in the world and many think it's because of the insane hours that students have to do (which doesn't actually help them do better) and the pressure to have a good career etc. That exists everywhere but in Korea it's really extreme. I really like songs that have a message and this one is good I also love the beat it's super catchy and also more hip hop inspired ^^.

They also have some energetic songs that are just for hype this is their latest MV I think it's pretty good :)

Next NCT 127 this is also a really good group they were just in Mexico and really killed it with their performance I already liked a bunch of their songs before but this made me like them even more :)

This song is just awesome I even made a recording of me rapping the first English verse. I do rap covers mostly American hip hop but I had to do this one cause I just really liked the song ^^.The performance is also good they really give a lot of effort and energy :)

This song is also great it was my #3 Kpop song of 2016 the instrumental is pretty unique, it gvies the song a different feel. I just really like everything about it ^^. I also used this version so you can see the sick choreo sometmes it's very elegant and has like a ballet feel and sometimes it's totally hip hop that also workswell with the song because it has the slow soudn but then sudden hard beats as well.

next Got7, I like a few of their songs but I'll only put one

This one is very chill but also has a dance rythm it's just a fun song that I like :)

Last I'll put VIXX I'm not really a fan of this group but my ex girlfriend and a bunch of other girls I know love them so I got exposed to their songs a lot ^^

They are more on the beeing sexy for the girls side but some of their songs are still good :)

Ok that's enough I often go on too long and I don't wanna put too much stuff in. You can share your opinion on what I wrote or the videos or Kpop in general anything you like really :)


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  • yeah a lot of straight guys actually like them

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    • Bigbang is also my fav male group but I chose to focus on the others cause for me BigBang is kind of a different style of group they're unique. They're all solo artists and they focus on creativity and the music not dancing etc. And they're also already older than most groups ^^.
      So I focused on the more "standard" boygroups to make my point ^^

    • yeah they're my fave too

  • omgggg <3 so much love for thiiisss!


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