Who do you think would win this race?

Don't bring up Flash because I didn't mention him for a reason. Everyone knows he's a lot faster than all of them :P
  • Who do you think would win this race?Sonic
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  • Who do you think would win this race?Quicksilver
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  • Who do you think would win this race?Dash
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  • Who do you think would win this race?Roadrunner
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  • Who do you think would win this race?XLR8
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  • Who do you think would win this race?Lightning McQueen
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  • heroeswiki.com/images/6/67/Daphne_Millbrook.jpg

    Daphne Millbrook from "Heroes" would destroy all of them, except for maybe Flash. Bear in mind that she can outrun Hiro Nakamura, after the guy (almost completely) STOPS TIME!

    Which means that even Hiro would be running circles around everyone except for Flash, Daphne, and Apocalypse-era Quicksilver. TV Sonic (all versions) would be left in the dust, to say nothing of the much-slower Sonic that features in the actual games - unless he cheats with a power-up.

    XLR8 would not be able to keep up, though I don't know much about the character. Lightning McQueen would be frozen. Even Rainbow Dash would be frozen! So Dash would likely also be frozen. And depending on the writer, not even Superman could do much about all this!

    Roadrunner would indisputably lose. In fact, he actually lost the race to a kiwi bird in Taz-Mania (an easily-forgotten show.) Speedy Gonzales never stood a chance. And his Family Guy cameo? Er... maybe I *shouldn't* bring that up.

    • Oh damn I totally forgot about Daphne! I loved Heroes and she did manage to move even when Hiro froze time. I do think she could win.

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    • I haven't seen Heroes Reborn yet but I've heard bad stuff about it

    • I saw three episodes of it. Never got the chance to see the rest. However, the script is about as scatterbrained as it gets. Tons of things happen, without any rhyme or reason given as to why, or as to how any of it connects with anything else. It also decimates key characters from the original show, having them act in ways they never would have before. Molly, for example, goes from the sweet 9-year-old child we saw in 2006, to a bratty 18-year-old that chills with con artists in 2015. Noah's new teammate is an annoying munchkin. And nobody uses any common sense at all. Worse... they went to stupid great lengths to keep Peter and Claire as irrelevant as possible, since the actors wouldn't return.

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  • I love that Sonic and Road Runner is winning XD I don't think they're the fastest though.


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