Why are women more sexualized than men?

In the media, you will see female nudity a lot more than you see male nudity. Take action and horror films, for example, almost all of the main actresses are pretty hot and they all have the same type of body; lean and fit. Men in the franchise will often have the same body but it does not seem to be sexualized like women's and more likely to be covered up except a few scenes where his shirt will be off, but that is it.
Women in these films are sexualized, depicted as fully nude, in a two-piece bikini, tight clothes, and shorts that often show more skin than anything.
For men, yes we will be shown to have a shirt off but that is it. Anything below the belt is covered. But why is that? in Ancient Greece and Rome, male nudity was seen as a good thing, but as long as we have had the silver screen, it just is not shown.
Why are women more sexualized than men? Is it because female nudity is easier on the eyes?


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  • Because of men, men have always sexualised women. As you said, in films they use women body to gain more attention of men, for example

    • Makes sense, use women to get a mans attention for sales.

    • Lmfao u sound like a feminist so quick to blame it on man. First of all its the white man. Cus Hollywood is the only one that does that and north America is the only place where women are walking around half naked willingly

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  • Because boobs :). Plus there are men willing to blow themselves up for pussy, no women has ever blown herself up for dick :P.


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  • Because they look prettier

  • the women who dislike it probably won't buy a ticket


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