Can somebody help me find this below breast lace tattoo pls?

I wanna get this tattoo , but I need a better picture, like on paper..Can somebody help me find this below breast lace tattoo pls??


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  • Dunno but in case you don’t know: “Make sure the tattoo artist you choose has some experience with lacework. Many artists have their own styles that turn out to be their best work. If it’s not lacework you could be in trouble. You want to know which styles they aren’t very good at, so you can avoid them. Find an artist that excels at lacework and you will end up with an incredible tattoo.

    You are the art director of your own tattoo and you don’t want anyone else messing it up. Tattoo artists are all different and some may be good at working with fine lines while others aren’t.”

  • It looks great. You should get it, but make assure the tattoo artist knows what they're doing.


What Girls Said 1

  • OMG! This is so pretty, I am not someone who is into tattoes but this might actually change my name 😍

    Why don't you try pinterest? It's got like everything on there. If there is a picture on the internet, it's sure to be on Pinterest


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