What's the dumbest thing you've seen?

One that's high on my list is a critical incident which happened near the area I live. As always, the department releases all relevant bodycam footage from involved officers along with a briefing within 30 days of the critical incident taking place.

A guy apparently thought his girlfriend was cheating and dealt with it like any normal person. Just kidding, he pointed a gun at her and stole her car. Officers showed up and as they took a report, he returned and they pursued.

The suspect rammed into a responding officer's cruiser and the suspect then got out and shot at them. The two officers then fired back and the suspect went down.

They approached and kicked the gun away before proceeding to handcuff him, which is standard procedure since he can decide at any moment that he's not done. His response to them asking him to give them his hand was "no, I'm not giving you shit, bro. Hell na knee-grrr"

He got even dumber in his next sentence by saying "where da gun at? Let's do it, you think you got me, you ain't gonna get me". He was hit several times in the exchange of gunfire between him and the two officers.

That for me was quite an impressive commitment to being as dumb and delusional as possible. But reality set in when they easily forced the cuffs on him and his adrenaline started to fade, at which point I'm sure he realized that his reign of stupidity is over.

One can't attack officers without being one of the dumbest, scummiest mouth breathers on the planet, especially in this area but even then, his commitment to stupidity is impressive.

He ended up dying from his injuries and I hope that if anything, his comments before his death helps everyone involved in that situation heal from an emotional standpoint.

What's a dumb activity you saw lately?
Whats the dumbest thing youve seen?
What's the dumbest thing you've seen?
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