Scariest, Creepiest Metal/Rock Songs Ever

10.Dead Congregation - Martyrdom This one sends chills down the spine, the eerie tremolo...
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10 Songs about babies

Alright! So, this is a my take about baby songs. The first few kind of came to me others I really had to dig for. Now I held myself to...
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Why Ready Player One is one of my top favorite Steven Spielberg Movies

I was inspired to write this based on it's July 3rd Digital release...
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The Struggle of Being a Metallica Fan

I'm gonna have some more metalheads hate me for this... Wassup people of internet land, so as you see there has been a change in...
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Another 15 of my favorite love songs

If you have not already check out my first list 15 of My Favorite Love Songs Ok so let me start this off with two things. I had to cut...
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Bond Girls: Then And Now

1) Ursula Andress Ursula Andress is a Swiss actress and former model. In 1962, she played Bond girl Honey Ryder in - Dr. No .She is...
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10 Favorite Video Games With a Strong Female Lead

So far I have posted two Mytakes on movies and two Mytakes on music. Now it's time for a Mytake on video games. I know there are so many...
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Should I sell my new ground-breaking car design?

its on my profile pic

Whats good to watch on prime?

especially when you have a stress headache and need to switch off. im not those shitty romantic films.

Two plot gaps, video Jones, Dial , who can fill?

in the new video indiana jones and DIAL , that i enjoyed. i noticed 2 gaps that i failed to comprehend. 1, when the guy said "you...

What is your favorite animal?

What if Thanos was a good guy & decided to join the avengers & fight Galactus?

Okay here's what I want to know , wouldn't it be really cool if in the future - Thanos instead of fighting against the avengers would...

Girls, What would you like to see as female fan service in anime?

We've all seen those anime scenes where the girls boobs are way too big and way too bouncy or way too uncovered. What would a male...

Favourite Final Fantasy?

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Girls, I have a questions?

Is the guy in my profile picture attractive or average

Can you help me choose which scenario to choose in this video game I am playing currently?

The game is called Live a Live and you have to choose from several character scenarios to play through, i did four already and having...
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