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Verbal judo, the art of roasting!


Also known as "verbal aikido". It's not exactly a sport. It's often applied in formal or informal debates or arguments whether you're in the court room, family table, school or etc. We've all been taught at one point that martial arts is useful for self defense. While thinking of martial arts, combats and physically training yourself is what comes to mind. But something called "verbal judo" over shadowed by it which a lot of you aren't aware of, a martial arts training for your brain. I'm not here to teach you any techniques since I learned mine from experience not by the book but here to bring awareness on how useful and important verbal judo is. And yes! Surprisingly there exist verbal judo trainers.

While martial arts can be useful for life threatening situations but it is less applicable now a days since laws exist. There are laws about physical abuse and you can get charged for abusing someone physically but not when you verbally abuse someone. And people who can't defend emotionally defend themselves (typically the loners) are vulnerable to verbal bullying which is also a life threatening situation for them since they're pushed to commit suicide. You can be a loner without any problem if your verbal martial art skill is good. It's pretty hard to roast someone who roasts back. Not to mention that's what can also make you cool. You can be a savage for it.

Verbal judo, the art of roasting!

But what about if they hurt their pride and start attacking you physically?

And this is why combat martial arts exists. Tho it's not as necessary as verbal judo, you can use combat martial arts against it but there are gonna be risks if you hurt people physically. If they hurt their pride and start physically attacking you, that's their problem. If you're a physical bully victim, you're actually hurt more emotionally than physically as how because interpret getting beaten up. Actions speaks louder than words after all. You hesitate telling anyone because you're afraid of being seen as "weakling" or whatever but if you're just emotionally stabled, sure there are gonna be black eyes or anything but it won't matter a lot as you won't hesitate to tell anyone about it since you got the skills and you can get them in trouble. So who's laughing now? And it'll be really unlikely for anyone to hurt you at that point unless they're desperate. Again, that's not your problem. But just like martial arts, only roast for self defense and be responsible for it.

Verbal judo, the art of roasting!
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  • ask4any
    For the uninitiated, verbal judo, aikido, whatever name you want to give it, sounds pretty exciting! And if someone actually hires a "Trainor", they deserve to throw their money away. To be adeptly prepared for verbal battle, all you have to do is read. READING!!! is all it takes to arm ones mind with the necessary vocabulary to knock ones "Mental Dick in the Dirt!!" Knowledge is Power. I'll give you that free of charge!
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  • thats what we should normally do. We should speak this since we deal with many people on here who have issues and think they are all that
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    • People who "issues and think they are all that" are those who abuse the block and delete button. Little do they know they can't do that in real life.

    • "What we should normally do" <-- but here's a term. Verbal judo which people don't often hear about

    • Im talking about real life do. I use verbal judo on a daily basis.

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  • Curabyron
    I do this on a daily basis but the problem is im all talk and no walk because if my ass gets in trouble im to weak to defend myself and im to stupid to run
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    • It doesn't have to be physical.

    • Curabyron

      at some point it does because my brother gets pissed off.

    • Then it's their problem. You can shame them for it.

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  • Bonbi
    Practiced jiu Jitsu for a fair bit so I can roll the tongue and the body
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  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good mytake
  • mark6789
  • CT_CD
    Thank you