Myths Of The Martial Arts!


Ever since martial arts was commercialised, there are lots of opinions and ideologies about it roaming around. Unfortunately not all are true so I wanna clear a few up.

Myths Of The Martial Arts!

1. You can't beat an army

Sure, Tony Jaa fights through an entire building full of bad guys in Tom Yung Goon. Michael Jai White fought a bunch of cops while handcuffed in Never Back Down 2. But it doesn't work in real life. It is crazy difficult to fight multiple opponents together. My sensei always told me, if you're against more than 2 guys, you're best weapons are your legs, by which he meant, run.

Unless you're a super specialist who know 5 or 6 martial arts, like Bruce Lee, don't try to fight.

2. A black belt isn't the end

The prestigious black belt, every karate kid dreams of having one. Even I was excited when I earned mine. But my sensei looked at me and said, this is not the end. It's only the beginning. The black belt doesn't miraculously make you and expert, the real deal starts after it. The black belt only means you have learnt all the basics necessary to practice the proper teachings.

3. Fighting takes time

Mr. Miyagi prepared Daniel to fight Johnny in a matter of months. Daniel wins even though Johnny has years of experience over him. Reality is not as inspiring. You can't learn a few punches and kicks today and win fights tomorrow. It takes a years of practice. My sensei said I had a gift for the martial arts but still made me train for 3 years before he let me compete in a fight. You need proper technique, endurance, conditioning, the sharpened senses. Even after so much practice, I couldn't score in my first fight and washed out in the try outs. It took me another year before I was a proper fighter. It takes time.

4. Beware of McDojos

This one is more of a warning. After martial arts became popular, there seemed to be loads of dojos opening everywhere. And some promised black belts unusually quick. I remember seeing a kid in my school who was in second grade and already a black belt, whereas it takes at least 4 to 8 years to complete a black belt in karate. I talked to him, expecting him to some prodigy but the kid had no idea of many basic principles. He studied at a dojo where they just had to pay and receive a belt for a few tricks. Such dojos teach useless and bad techniques which may have dangerous outcomes.

A few signs of a fake dojo are:

They value money over knowledge.

Which means they value how much money they gained rather than how much you have learnt.

They do not teach based on reality.

They teach practically according the world, not according a person's perception of the world.

Quality over quantity.

They place emphasis on how much you do rather than what you.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see your views on this.

Myths Of The Martial Arts!
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  • Anonymous
    Good take. Another myth is that women who do martial arts have superpowers and are able to beat men. I've taken judo for years and I've seen novice teen boys school veteran female black belts.
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    • Yeah human biology is biased I guess.
      But sometimes experience does matter cause I have seen women who are excellent fighters. Exceptions exist.

    • Anonymous

      The women I talk about were exceptional. It's just men tend to be better.

    • Yeah, on average guys do tend to he better, it's cause of biology, men were evolved for hunting, so fighting is in their instinct, plus the higher upper body strength.

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  • deangelisbabe
    this is so cool !!! i loved reading this, it’s very interesting. could you maybe tell me about your experience practicing martial arts? 🤔☺️
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  • TripleAce
    A pro boxer can easily take out 3-4 guys because it usually just takes one hit
    It depends cause you have to isolate them
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    • If they all attack you together then you're toast. It's not impossible to beat 4 guys but a proper sensei will never advice you to do that. You learn martial arts so that you don't have to fight. It builds your personality and mind such that you are able to diffuse fights without fists.

    • derek2017

      they fall like flies lol!! but the important thing here is to keep your distance when fighting a lot of guys! I actually tried fighting 6 guys at a time, when i was 14, the way you do that is by first of all even if i was dying of pain or i was out of breath, i never showed any of these, that was a rule for me! secondly i studied every move these people used in street fights and i was practicing alone to develop some really weird counters that actually worked! Thirdly i was always keeping my distance so that they come to me one at a time, but im not your average guy, i mean before that I've beaten a guy that was twice my size without even doing martial arts! there is a reason though why i was able to do these things but i dont know if im ready to share it...

  • ThisIsMyOpinion
    Amazing take!
    I agree with all of it. Some thing might look obvious, but I already fell under the McDojo mistake. It was run by a crappy master and I found out later than I would like to admit.
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    • I knew my dojo wasn't a fake one cause after out green belt exam, one student asked our teacher when the next exam would be, he was in a hurry to level up. The teacher said, the belt means nothing if you're skills aren't proper. He was more concerned with the knowledge in our brain and the strength in our body rather than the belt on our waist.

  • jl25sc
    I agree with you completely. There is a difference between being a good fighter and having a good rank in the club. Some people have the talent for fighting and some don't. I've seen Green belts taking on black belts and winning. A belt represents the time and effort that you've stuck with the club but it isn't the only yard stick to measure one's capabilities as a fighter. It differs from each martial art
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  • Liam_Hayden
    Great take! I've been practicing about half my life, but I still cannot defeat my 70 year old sensei even though I have 60 lbs, 7" in height, and a foot+ in reach over him.
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    • Tell me about it. My sensei once asked me to practice punching on him. One punch to his gut and I felt like my fist hit an iron bar. Damn!

  • xichuwangwai
    Not so bad.
    But I have to disagree with you on "if you're against more than 2 guys, you're best weapons are your legs, by which he meant, run".
    If you're in a situation where you have to fight more than two guys, you fight, you don't just run~~~
    Martial art is not just about fighting your opponents, it's also about your self improvement, physically and mentally. I mean, sure running is good for the "physically" part too, but what about "mentally"?
    Fighting multiple opponents should be a part of your training.
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    • In a dojo sure, I'd take on multiple guys and I actually did win a 1 Vs 3 fight. But I was talking about on the street, if you're in a street fight, they don't play fair, and your life is worth more than the win.

  • John_Doesnt
  • PrincessGrail
    Is it true that a red belt is higher than a black belt in judo?
    • Edanurus

      I used to do judo for our club when you got to black you were rated by dan. 1st-5th dan was black 6-8 was white and red and 9th and 10th were red so yeah it was that for us.

      I have seen other clubs use red as after white belt though.

    • Yeah it depends on the martial art. Karate just have degree black belts after the black belt. So it's the same color except it may have some design or inscription on it. I'm not sure about others but taekwondo also follows the same rule if I remember.

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  • Hurdleez-Swampede
    I'm sure some can beat an army of 3 or 4 but not 10 or more.
    • You can try but it's not advisable, especially, if they get you in the ground, 3 can be very dangerous.

  • JadeOFluorite
    Very good points!
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  • ShadowofRegret
    A well written take sir!
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  • Secretgardenblood
    Good take
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  • Anonymous
    So you can't dodge bullets? :(
    Myths Of The Martial Arts!