My family hates my girlfriend for no reason?


I've been going out with this girl for 4 months now and we are really enjoying the time we spend together. She's a very nice girl, nothing is complicated with her, there is no any real drama, there are no fights, we are crazy for each other and we understand each other.

She is also my first serious girlfriend, but the problem is my family. My parents and my sister hate her for no reason what so ever. They are very judgmental of her. They didn't even meet her and they didn't even give her chance for her to show em what kind of a person she is.

I'm getting tired of this. If I spend a night at her place next they when I get come they'll be telling me what kind of a girls she is that she is "whoring around in her home where her parents live" and so on. She can not spend a place at my place because my parents are against it. My sister is using the whole situation for her personal gains by turning against her (and me) and by doing so getting closer to parents (the more they criticize me, less they will criticize her). I warned my girlfriend about my sister and yet she was naive enough to believe they will be friends. Everything, every personal thing she told to my sister my sister told to my parents and now their image of her is even more distorted.

There is really no thing she can do right in their eyes. If I get home hungry after I was at her place they would say "Why didn't she feed you?" and so on (while in reality I just wanted to be home as soon as possible and hope that maybe that way there will be a bit less drama).

If I try to tell them that they are wrong they will say stuff like "she's turning you against your own parents" and so on... I am just so tired of this.

Now Christmas is coming and we don't celebrate it, while her family does. Her mum invited me over and I can already see all the drama with my family that will evolve from this (to the point where my mum will claim she is turning me in to Christian...).

While this is happening with my family, her family is totally cool about it (which was such a shock for me and still is to be honest). For them it is totally normal for me to spend a night there, to come for lunch, to go out with their daughter and come home in the morning. Her sister likes me and we have fun together. Just the other day they bought her a bigger bed, because her old one was just too small for both of us to sleep in.

When I tell this to my family they again turn the whole thing up-side-down. Her family is looking to use me, she is looking to use me and so on...

I can not take this any longer, I'm tired of it all. I am not saying this girl is the one or that we gonna spend the rest of our lives together, but so far we are really going well and I can see nothing going wrong in near future really and who knows where and when this is going to end, but I can not have this kind of drama with my OWN family.

I don't know what to do.
My family hates my girlfriend for no reason?
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