My close female friend is now acting distant, why?

I have a female friend who is in an unhappy marriage. She married young and her husband does not appreciate her. She is a hard worker and always has a busy schedule. We struck up a working relationship over a year ago and we started to get closer emotionally. We only ever spent 2 occasions alone at work after hours (finishing a project) and just enjoyed talking. In a group of people she would always pay me more attention and would always take an interest in what I was doing. She would confide in me and we would text at least a couple of times a day and see each other at least twice a week. She would always text me telling me that I was kind, thanking me for something I had done for her. A couple of times she said I was a great person who really understood her. We would always enjoy talking on the phone and she always made time for me, even dumping other calls to speak to me.

Recently she got busy at work and it seems that something may have happened at home with her husband. He is jealous and suffers from inferiority because of his job. He doesn't like the fact that his wife is always busy but she is just trying to get away from his drinking and accusations.

The next time I saw her she was acting distant and a little cold. I spoke with her about it because she wasn't texting or calling. She said that she was dealing with some issues and didn't want to talk about it. She mentioned that she needed to change the way was she was with her friends.

Since then I have found out that her husband gave her a hard time. Even a gift I gave to her and her husband ended up back on her desk at work. She gave me an excuse which I later found out was not true. her husband apparently gave her grief about it. she also got a couple of anonymous texts which were rude about her husband and mentioned me. I can only assume it hinted at some sort of affair going on. Since then she has acted distant and not as friendly as before. Just the other day she seemed to have opened up a little more, smiling and having short conversations but not like before. If we are talking she will tend to look more at a third party rather than at me. She almost finds it difficult giving me any lengthy eye contact. I have and will always respect her. I have never touched her inappropriately or confessed any feelings for her. We were just 2 people who got on well, understood each other and confided in one another. We helped each other through some tough times. A great source of mutual encouragement.

I have never made a play for her as she is married even though I know she is unhappy. We do click but I really do miss her friendship, but I am mindful that it may have affected the marriage.

What is the best thing to do?? Does she hate me?? or is she avoiding out of embarrassment?? Thanks!!
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It's been some time now and we don't text or call each other. I do miss her. I see her in the office around once a week. She talks a little but not like before. Now when I call she doesn't always pick up and if I email her I won't always get a reply.
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When I do see her she is friendly but its just not like before. It does hurt because someone who you were once close to seems to be erasing you from their life. I'm wondering whether this is difficult for her or if she has no issue with forgetting me.
My close female friend is now acting distant, why?
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