Guys, Would you be better friends with a girl who's bisexual, or completely gay?

I am a girl who loves to be friends with guys. I have always thought of myself as being "one of the guys", because I have the same humor, hobbies, etc, as most guys in contrast to girls. For instance, I like video games, talking about hot chicks, making dirty jokes, and in the end, guys are way more fun to hang out with than girls are.
I'm bisexual, which means I'd date either gender, female or male. There is a great issue with this, though.
I have several friends, who are male, who have asked me out. One of them was named Nick. After I friend-zoned Nick, he hated my guts, and he never spoke to me again. I miss him and I wish we were still bros. But I have found a solution for these situations in the future. When my friend Evan asked me out, I simply told him that I was completely gay. He was completely fine with this because it made sense as to why I friend-zoned him! We are like, best friends to this day.
Yes, I would date both genders. In fact, sometimes I wonder if I would prefer men. But I also like women. If I just HIDE the part of me that likes men, and end up marrying a woman, not only could I keep all my male buddies, but I wouldn't actually have a problem with dating a girl.
I am just wondering, guys, would you be better friends with a girl who is bisexual or completely gay if she friend-zoned you? Because I am willing to lie and just pull off being gay, and hiding my feelings for dudes forever, if it means I'll be able to be "one of the guys" forever, and keep all of my good friends instead of breaking their hearts and making them feel like shit. Is this a good idea? I feel like it would be worth it, and would be hard at times, but pay off in the end.
Guys, Would you be better friends with a girl who's bisexual, or completely gay?
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