Why is she lying?

My best friend constantly lies to me. I don’t know why she does but she does. The truth never hurts me, I’d be a little disappointed but nothing too deep and she knows I don’t do no hard feelings but it’s hard when she lies.
Like today. She and I had plans to go to go out of town because we live in a small city with not much to do, our city don’t have a balenciaga store and we were planning to go buy new shoes and just have a good time. She bailed on me and then asked me to go out to eat after class because she felt bad. although I was disappointed she bailed on a trip we had planned for weeks I accepted her offer. It was gonna be me and her that’s it. She then invited her friend who has a car. We both don’t have a drivers license so it would’ve been easier that way I think for her. I didn’t mind taking the bus. I assume either she didn’t wanna go out with me anyway or her friend didn’t want me to come but she wanted a ride so bad so she said her friends was bringing her siblings and the car was a 4-seater. But they gave me a ride once in the same car and I know it was a 5 seater so I let it go. Knowing her friend had a 5 seater I asked for at least a ride home since they’re passing my house on their way to the mall. She hesitated and I found that so odd. Are you hesitating to ask your friend to drop me off? So after class she told me her friend was outside. I grabbed my things and followed her. As we walk to the car I realised there’s no kids. My heart sank. Because you could’ve told me you didn’t want me to come. And not lie to me. I was in the back and guess what? The car is a 5-seater. I was so hurt and disappointed by this. Her friend was eager to drop me off as well. This is the second time she has lied to me about something like this. Why is she lying to me? Do I have the right to be mad in this situation?
I honestly don’t even wanna be friends with her and we’re going to a concert tomorrow that I don’t wanna attend although I’ve been so excited for this.
Why is she lying?
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