What name ideas do you have for your future children? Also, how good are the ones I picked out for mine?

I actually want to have a family of my own one day, and it's a goal of mine. If I actually manage to, I have a few name ideas picked out.


  • Deimos. That name is Greek for "Terror", and it's the same name as one of Ares's sons. If you've played any of the older God of War games, that's also the name of Kratos's twin brother. Yes, Kratos has a brother.
  • Gustave. That name was given to one of my favorite individual animals. Gustave is a Nile Crocodile from the African country of Burundi. He's become a man-eater and has killed and eaten at least 300 people in his 60+ years of life. He's also gotten so large that unlike other Nile Crocodiles, he can kill and prey on adult hippos. Seriously, hippos are one of the worst animals in Africa.
  • Joseph. After Joseph Ignace Guillotin, a French physician who popularized (BUT DID NOT INVENT) the guillotine as an execution method in 1700s-1800s France. His intention was to create a painless punishment fit for criminals of every social class, instead of only the rich.
  • Freddy. After one of my favorite horror movie villains, Freddy Krueger.
  • Erik. Not "Eric." "Erik" with a "k". After Erik the Red, a Viking known for his red hair and violent temper.

  • Sue: After Sue, one of the largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeletons ever found. 40 feet, and 18000 of scales, muscle, and DEATH.
  • Penthesilea: After the queen of the Amazons, killed by Achilles in the Greek Iliad.
  • Hyppolyta: After the former queen of the Amazons and Penthesilea's older sister, killed by Hercules/Heracles.
  • Atalanta: After the Greek huntress who killed the Calydonian Boar, and defeated Achilles's father Peleus in a wrestling match.
  • Xena: After everyone's favorite warrior princess from the 1990s. It's also Greek for "Hospitality", surprisingly enough.
  • Laghertha: After a former Viking shieldmaiden and ruler. She even appeared in the TV show "Vikings."

What name ideas do you have for your potential kids? Why'd you pick 'em? And also, rate mine, please!
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*Also, in Sue's explanation, I meant to say "40 feet, and 18000 pounds of scales, muscle, and DEATH."
What name ideas do you have for your future children? Also, how good are the ones I picked out for mine?
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