Why am I being victimised?

I joined a women's socialising group (online).

The organiser enables members waived entry (£20per entry) and endless free drinks and free food 3 times a week for offline socials (in upmarket parts of London).

She doesn't ask for money, but members can donate as your discretion.
I've become a regular for a few months, attending 3 times a week.
I haven't given money, as I don't see why I should.

I befriended a member of the group that hates the organiser, and does criticise/sabotage her socials. She eventually got removed by the organiser.

I stayed friends with both, as why not? It isn't my dispute

... Now the organiser is bizarrely distancing herself from me - and doesn't want me to attend her free events.

I don't understand why I should be victimised and mistreated, because of their petty dispute... but also don't want to miss out on the free events that offer free drink and food lol. Any advice?
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Please note : I can’t keep my attendance at the rigs events a secret, as the girl that was removed from the group is going head to head with the rival events and deliberately scheduling them on the same day etc. My solution was to attend both - as I like the free drinks one offers and the friendship of the rival group girl...
Why am I being victimised?
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