Can young boys also be gentle with babies?

Generally we know how to be gentle to babies since the moment we're holding a doll. Can the same be said for a young boy?

This had me wondering. My brother was tough with his toys and friends like any boy his age but he was different with me. He was 6 years old at the time.
He used to be very gentle when I was a baby. It came natural to him without it being taught. He was extra careful with me, hugs and kisses, calling me the cutest baby ever or my pretty sister, singing me a song; wanting to spend more time taking care of me, etc. He was acting similary to how an older sister would act; same dedication, tenderness and care.
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Even when he would squeeze my cheeks, it would be soft too. Many times he would focus more on wanting to take care of me than playing with his toys. No one really had to tell him to be gentle with me; he already knew.
Can young boys also be gentle with babies?
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