Did you grow up poor or wealthy?


I grew up poor lol. Like getting our electric/hot water shut off, not being able to afford food, type of poor 🙃

my mom has always been selfless though. Even though she didn’t have much, she wouldn’t hesitate to give me her last $20 so I could go out with friends.

I want to provide my daughter the childhood I didn’t have. I don’t need to be filthy rich or anything but I at least want to be one of those parents who surprise their kid with a car on their 16th birthday. Yanno? 😭

I’ve seen parents have this stupid ass mentality where they say “well I struggled as a kid so my kid should know what it’s like to struggle too” why would you wish that on your kid? 😭 I don’t want her to be a spoiled brat but I want her to be comfortable. She shouldn’t know what it’s like to get your hot water shut off and have to get a job at 16 to provide for the house, like I did 🥴

I grew up poor
I grew up middle class. Not poor, not wealthy
I grew up pretty wealthy
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Did you grow up poor or wealthy?
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