I feel like my mom loves my high school friend more than me

I don't know what to do. I feel extreme jealousy and anger over the matter, stupid, I know. But I think my mom loves my high school friend and her son more than me. This girl I haven't seen for probably six years. She moved to Idaho and I live in California. Well, she added me and my mom on Facebook and started talking to us there. Then my mom started to talk to her more and more and more. Talking on Facebook turned into talking on the phone for hours at a time. I would be on the phone with my mom, I could be calling her for something urgent and very important, and she would get a beep on her line and it would be my hs friend. My mom would tell me "OH! It's A, I gotta go, love ya!" and hang up. It really hurts.

Whenever I'm over she is on the phone with her and ignores my sister, my boyfriend, and me. All she will talk about is her and how she is. Icing on the cake is today she left to drive from California to Idaho to visit her and her son and new husband for three weeks. My sister went with her just because she wants out of the house but isn't really thrilled with being stuck with my mom. My mom bought her son gifts and is going to throw a birthday party for her daughter who lives with her father across the state. She plans on helping my friend find a church to go to for her 10 year old son while she's out there too. Sigh.

Before she left all she could talk about was how perfect my friend is and how perfect their family is and it makes me feel like garbage. She says how beautiful my friend is but I never get complimented. My friend is 320 pounds and 5'5. She refuses to work and chain smokes around her kids, they are on welfare and her husband works at a grocery store and also is an alcoholic. She says their family is perfect 24/7, no one is perfect and it hurts she thinks I'm worse than that when I work my butt off and go to school but just because I'm not married yet I'm not as good as them.

i don't know what to do, I'm shaking as I write this. I'm so angry and hurt that my mom is doing this to me. last night I went to get her house key so I can take care of her animals, and as we were talking about families I mentioned how I want to have little girls and put them in dance and she said "whatever!" and rolled her eyes at me. I feel like a failure.

what should I DO? I can't kick my mom out of my life completely. why would a mother be this way? I always call her and visit her. this is causing me so much jealousy I'm afraid I'm going to lose a friend and my grades will drop in school. I need my mom.
I feel like my mom loves my high school friend more than me
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