Why do guys act distant when they give off signs of attraction?

My guy friend knew I liked him but he said he wasn't interested in anyone although he had acted interested.

After he knew I liked him, he and I for some reason talked a lot more than ever. He would initiate conversation, almost always try to find me in person to talk to,etc.

Recently, he looked at me multiple times when my back was to him and turned away the one time my friend caught him. He notice my earrings when we were having lunch (he initiated me hanging out after I called him out that we were talking online too much). He acts jealous sometimes when I talk about guys/talk to other guys. The last time we saw each other, he came to find me to hugged me goodbye (and dropped an arm when two of my friends were looking at him) and wished me a Merry Christmas and safe travels back home, smiling.

We haven't really talked much lately, but at the same time, I may just be spoiled at the fact we talked so much. I just find it odd I've had to initiate lately, and I've noticed the one time we did talk, he responded quickly at times, and then showed off and bragged about himself.

Guys, what's going on? I mean, the only explanation I know is he's busy, but I'm just ... confused.


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  • personally I think he likes you, but too afraid to show it.. see if he thinks you are stunningly beautiful he might be afraid to speak his mind and confess his feeling because he might think he'll scare you away if he does, so he's trying to show that he's all together but really every time your around him his world just stops and you are the only person he wants to be with.

    • But then why would he say that he wasn't interested before?

    • maybe to hide his true feelings because you said he acted interested, so why act interested and look at you when your not looking and all that if he doesn't harbor any feelings towards you?

    • Okay, yeah, makes sense. And frankly, I thought it was, too, but it's like '...there's no way..."

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  • Its hard to tell a girl you like her without trying to come off as desperate. there a strong possibility he doesn't know your feelings for him. hence he is playing safe & trying to play cool like nothing going on.we fear that even if we like the girl she might not like us hence she not reciprocate & the friendship is over

    • He does know I have feelings for him. I don't know if he /still/ knows I do.

  • Yea I'd agree with him thinking that he's being too desperate and kind of trying trying to distant himself now. If you do like him and want this to go further maybe like give him some assurance? Try saying some cute things dunno.

    • I've tried contacting him but he just gets really shy and it's like he doesn't want to talk.

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    • We did hang out recently... initiated by him, indirectly, although he claimed he was "busy" and such.

    • I mean, how was he too desperate? And the hang out was also, too, because I made the comment I feel like we never hang out, but he was the one who suggested we should.

  • He is trying to give you distance so he will not come off as desparate which in a guys mind may ruin his chances with you ,keep in touch with this guy and hopefully things workout but I'm sure they will.

    • How is he coming off as desperate?

  • If he's jealous then he definitely thinks of you or is attracted to you. Sounds like he just doesn't want to get to attached to soon.


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  • He is interested in you for sure in a sexual way.

    The part about him acting distant may be that he doesn't really want to be in a relationship.

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