Its Summer time! Shaving, Waxing or Sugaring?

Alrighty, most of us homosapiens know of the struggle of keeping the area down under clean and tidy from stray hairs. It's an annoying thing to worry about; and if you're like me, you know that sensitive skin tends to plague your life and make you want to cease being human and just lay face down on your bed and sob about your overly sensitive skin....okay. I'm just kidding. It's not THAT bad...but it IS annoying! Lets talk about some of the lovely choices we have among us!

Its Summer time! Shaving, Waxing or Sugaring?

1. **bum bumm bummmmmm** SHAVING **snag** "Fuck! ouch! that's definitely going to leave an ingrown hair"

MMkay, when it's done RIGHT, shaving can be pretty awesome, and you can go through the minimal negatives to stubble after the first freggin day of shaving. I may also add, that this doesn't go for just ladies obviously! you can find some pros/cons for shaving here. WE ALL KNOW SOME MEN HERE SHAVE DOWN UNDER! SAY IT LOUD, SAY IT PROUD. SMOOTH SKIN HAS NO GENDER! Eh-emm, okay, back on topic:

For shaving your legs, underarms, pubic area, use these tips perhapsss!

  • Use a conditioner or a shaving cream every time you shave....don't mess around with dry shaving...unless you're an advocate for ingrown hairs or razor burn....which are the most unfun downsides of shaving.
  • Use a high quality razor with the more than 2 blades. Don't be cheap! I know I am a cheap son of a bitch...and I like to look for a bargain anywhere I can get it...(don't judge me! I am a struggling student!) but a good razor for the smooth, unbumpy legs, is worth it. I use a Gillette razors
  • Exfoliate before an after!
  • Moisturize!

2. Waxing!

now, I know waxing is not for everyone, and a lot of people who have never been waxed before, are absolutely terrified of someone ripping off chunks of skin off (which is not necessarily the only removes the top layer of skin); but if we were to draw up a compare and contrast to waxing vs shaving...waxing would easily win. Since waxing takes the entire follical out, there is no room for tearing the follical, or any other horrendous terrors that occur when we shave down under or anywhere for that matter. I have experienced both waxing down under and shaving down under. I am going with more razors DOWN THERE. I get ingrowns and itching and irritation...its not worth it. I followed the diagrams, used proper razors, exfoliated, and all the other junk. But HEY, some people can shave down under, and some can't stand it. I am one of those people that will sob in fetal postion as I am suffering razor burn in between my legs. (that was an over exaggeration...but it is kind of uncomfortable) You can find some pros/cons for waxing here

Paying for waxing services

Yes, it can get pretty pricey...depending on what you want done (brazillian, strip...whatever) and it can be pretty uncomfortable having some woman or man, looking in between your legs and taking hair off. I've had it done many times, with a lady who has been with my family for years....and its STILL fucking awkward. Still love her though! <3

Waxing yourself

This may make some people MORE nervous than having a professional do it. I have definitely waxed myself before. It was quite the took 3 hours....It was a painful struggle, but afterwards, I felt like I could run free! Just kidding. But really, although it was a little difficult, I got it done, and the results were fantastic. If you're willing to do it yourself, make sure you do a little more research on waxing yourself, so you don't HURT yourself.

3. Sugaring

"What in the hell is this!?" Yes, it is a very old technique used to remove hair in apparently a less painful way. Sugaring is like a soft carmel ball, with the same-ish-consistancy of wax. It is a mixture of sugar, water and lemon (or at least that was the recipe I used yesterday). I wanted to try sugaring so I would have a better understanding of how it works, if it works and if I personally would do it. Here was an article I found on Why Sugaring is Better than Waxing...with instructions on how to make your own sugaring concoction. Which differs from the recipe I used below as well as pros/cons to sugaring.

How do I make this concoction?

the recipe I used yesterday was:

1 cup of sugar

1/4 cup of water

1/4 cup of lemon juice

Does it even work?

I tried this yesterday with my guinea pig, and best friend, on her arms. It worked quite well, and if you get the directions on making the sugaring stuffs, it will be the right consistency too. I have yet to try it on myself, like on my legs, or bikini area, but the ball of carmel awesomeness is very safe, and it works very well. It is water soluble (meaning it dissolves in water) and it doesn't ruin cloths or cause burns. When you apply the mixture, it CANNOT be hot. It warms to your body temperature, and it is warm/cool to the touch. NOT HOT. Never apply it while it is hot. Let it cool down.

How does it work?

Almost like wax...but NOT. Here is the kicker, SO, you apply it against the natural hair growth, and then rip it of, going the same direction of hair growth. I guess thats what the main difference is. Which is why it is considered better than waxing. It's not as messy, and any one can do it. I was barely made aware of sugaring when I was scrolling on facebook and saw a video. I was so motivated, I HAD to test this sugaring business. But so far, I do recommend it. You can watch the video here

Shaving, Waxing, Sugaring, LET THERE BE HAIR

Between all three, or four, I would say it is entirely up to you. Whatever works for you, works for you! I personally prefer to stick with waxing/sugaring for the better results...only because with my own skin, I've found that shaving really messes me up. Or if you just don't care, and want to go all-nat-u-ral, that is good too! We all have different things we want to go for when it comes to our beauty for summer time, keep it trimmed or take it off! Doesn't matter we are all beautifully, hairy/hair-less people! LETS GO OUT THERE AND SOAK UP THE SUN! :D



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  • Or simply choose Option D. Let what is supposed to grow just grow? I wouldn't cut my right arm off/or stop breathing if it suddenly became a fad or everyone else said to do it...


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  • I've always wax, so I'm almost numb to the pain! ahah


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  • Love sugaring, so easy, hurts less and less skin redness than waxing.

    • Thats awesome! How do you execute your sugaring stuff? Would LOVE to know how it works for people. I'm still experimenting with the right formula and what not.

    • The recipe that you have is the same that I have been using, sounds like you have the technique down too. You have to allow the hair to grow back to around 1/8 - 1/4 inch or just enough that the sugar will grab ahold when you pull back. I think it's super easy, with the exception of the molten sugar in the pan while you're making a batch! Wouldn't want that anywhere near me, as long as you're careful shouldn't be a problem.

  • Haha, I just shave. Great take though! :D

  • I love sugaring, it's so fun

  • I love this take :)

  • I've never tried waxing before. Only shaved, for every parts lol does it hurt for the first time if I wax myself? I don't think there's any shop here for waxing services at the pubic area, and it'll be expensive. I also find it awkward to have people looking at there.

    • Well, since you've been shaving in the bikini area, your skin down there may be tougher... so it may not hurt very much! I know It kind of hurt for me the first time... but it was bearable. I guess all in all, it depends on your overall pain tolerance. I have a rather high pain tolerance... aside from razor burn... which hurts REALLY bad... especially when I shave in the bikini area! Ouch.

  • laser several times and been done with it for life

    • Ditto! How many sessions did it take you and whst was the price?

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    • DMmit that last pic wasn't suppose to be in there, I'm jn my freakin boxers shit!!! I thought it was a different picture I apologize... DAMMIT!

    • That's totally inappropriate I'm so sorry shit!😓😒