Fall DIY hacks and roomspiration!


So fall is coming by soon, about 2 months and we're there, yee! I don't know about you guys, but fall is one of my favorite seasons other than winter. The leaves turn into shades of canberry reds and pumpkin oranges, the air is crisp and on the verge of chilly, and ofc you're reminded of those scents of pumpkin, cinnamon, apple, firewood when you pass by all the shops filled with aromatic candles getting you ready for the cozy season! These are some DIY things I found online!

This is sadly only meant for girls, since i'm no expert in roomspiration for guy's bedrooms, but if you're a guy and you want to do this, please try it!

DIY Leaf Bowl

Fall DIY hacks and roomspiration!!!

Ok, this is super authentic, beautiful, and very halloween-y.

What you'll need:

Balloon, leaf holland (plastic leaves so they don't wither), modge podge, anything sharp.


Take your balloon, spread modge podge on the bottom half of it, evenly spread leaves that you picked off the holland onto the bottom half, cover it up with modge podge again and put a second layer of leaves on. Then wait for it to dry and pop the balloon, and take the poppd balloon out of the bowl! Wala!

You can then fill this baby with candy corn, acorns, anything really.

DIY Rustic Wood ChalkBoard

Fall DIY hacks and roomspiration!

Ok, you can really write anything fall-like on here.

What you'll need:

Tree stump, chalkboard paint, chalk, paint brushes


Take your tree stump, paint chalkboard paint on it, wait for it to dry (may take up to three hours), and write on it with your chalk!! I wrote "Hello Fall!" on mine.

DIY painted pumpkin

Fall DIY hacks and roomspiration!

So the pumpkin i'm reffering to ofc is the one on the left! Its so cute and I love metallic colors when it comes to fall.

What you'll need:

A pumpkin, metallic gold paint, circular sponge brushes


Get your pumpkin, it can be fake or not, and get your circular sponge brushes (for a perfect circle clean the edges of the sponge brush), and dab the brush in the gold paint, and start pressing it against your pumpkin one by one.

DIY fall filled jars

Fall DIY hacks and roomspiration!

These probably have to be one of my favorites!!

What you'll need:

Jars (mason or not), twine, scissors, leaf holland (fake remember), hot glue gun, your choice of filling.


Get your jar, start hot glue-gunning the leaves to part of the sides of the jars and the bottoms, then once thats done, rap your twine around where the top of the leaves are into a bow, then fill with anyhing you'd like! I'd fill some with candy corn (ofc!!) and some with little pine cones, and even some potpourri into some.

DIY cinnamon stick covered candles

Fall DIY hacks and roomspiration!

Ok these smell so good and are really cheap!

What you'll need:

Candles (even 1 dollar ones, this isn't about the smell really its about the fall look!), twine, cinnamon sticks, hot glue gun.


Take your candle, take a cinnamon stick and hot glue gun one side of it and stick it to the candle, repeat this until the entire candle is covered and then wrap it in twine.

DIY fall tray

Fall DIY hacks and roomspiration!

This one is so easy, I won't even list instructions! What you will need is anything you want!

You can put cinnamon sticks, acorns, pine cones, candles, squashes/apples in it!

OR you can put on a massive candle, your favorite fall makeup and favorite fall nail polishes on it, then sprinkle some candy corn on some spaces!

ROOMSPIRATION! We've finished some DIY ideas, so lets get on to how to spice up your room!

Led cotton ball lights

Fall DIY hacks and roomspiration!

Ok, these are the new fad for bedroom decor, and they're so cute and affordable!
This one comes in yellow, white, orange, and brown/black. They range anywhere from $10-$15 dollars. You can get them on Ecrater, Bonanaza, Etsy, even Amazon o Ebay or some room decor shop.


Fall DIY hacks and roomspiration!

Fall DIY hacks and roomspiration!

When it comes to candles, you should buy Yankee Candles or Bath&Body Works candles, they're extremely popular and smell SO good!

Fall pillows, blankets, bed spreads, etc.

Fall DIY hacks and roomspiration!

Fall DIY hacks and roomspiration!

Fall DIY hacks and roomspiration!

Switch out the blues, purples, etc on your bed for reds, oranges, beiges. Always go for some cable knit, even cashmere (if you can afford it) blankets! And follow the same color patterns for SOME of your pillows.

Barn lanterns

Fall DIY hacks and roomspiration!

Barn lanterns are really good for the fall, they come in big sizes, small sizes for a cabinet or night stand! Remember the DIY tray I was talking about? Add one of these on them!

Now, this was meant for a bedroom, but if you want to add the lanterns in your living room, the tray on your cofee table, stuff like that feel free too. Once again, if you most of these things are really cheap and affordable! Have fun!

Fall DIY hacks and roomspiration!
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  • NearlyNapping
    I'm not really an arts and crafts type. But one thing I admit to is that I like to hang and dry flowers in the spring. It can also be done with fall bloomers. You need to look up the specific flower though because they require slightly different techniques. Also some just don't dry very well.

    I have a huge lilac bush and dry the flowers in the spring. Just cut a few groups while in full bloom. Be careful not to wait too long since they get knocked off easily with a hard rain. Better to cut them early than late because they don't last long.

    After cutting some groups, trim a short length of stem to clear it (if needed). Use a rubber band to tie the ends of the stems together. Be careful not to crunch the blooms. Then take a large paper clip and unfold the two ends. Hook the rubber band over one hook of the clip. Hang the whole thing on a clothes hanger or something in the closet. Keep it fairly dark, that's important. It doesn't have to be pitch black, but you definitely don't want any sunlight or harsh indoor light.

    If timed right, the room will smell like lilac for a few weeks. After they are dry you could use them for a display, but they shrink a lot and it would take a lot to make much of a display. I just leave them in the closet for the smell.
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    • That is super helpful and a good idea! Thanks a bunch :-)) I want my room to smell like flowers too lol

Most Helpful Girl

  • zombiebabe
    nice take!!! i really like the cinnamon candles!!!
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  • Zigzagz
    When did everything slightly creative become a "hack". Sorta down plays the abilities of an actual hacker don't you think?
    • Do you know what hacks mean when i'm taking about this lol? And its not slightly creative its actually creative.

    • Zigzagz

      Yes I know what you mean but the term was stolen from computer hackers who have immense knowledge of computer and security system architecture.

    • Nope lol, diy hacks are like easy hacks, hacks as something you think is hard but ends up to be easy like hacks as in ideas and easy do your own decor.

  • BaileyisDarcy
    Eheh, I feel bad now, I was just about to comment saying it's not about to be autumn, it's about to be spring but then I remembered that the equator is a thing and backward seasons are too.

    Also these look great.
    • Thank you, glad you like the ideas!
      Yep haha, it is winter in Australia! And even in like Europe, North America, etc-its always a good idea to get a head start, it may still be summer but once again its 2 months away! You don't have to actually start decorating, but I start making all these things then just put them on the top shelf of my closet and wait till The middle of September to the beginning of October to take it out and decorate, although I never fill anything :P That would attract nasty bugs. Yikes

  • KAZ-2Y5
    nice take love the vintage feel of the barn lanterns i love autumn and winter forget summer and spring. those are the seasons of bug bites and allergies. and dont forget seasonal drinks from starbucks!
    • Yess hahaha! I have severe allergies with lots of stuff outside like pollen and grass, etc, I get extremely stuffy, and I love vintage, rustic furniture so i'm also really into the barn lanterns just had to include them :P
      And hot Pumpkin spice Lattes and hot Peppermint White Mochas are my favs ^^, hbu?
      Also, if you wanna see more wintery takes, I did one on autumn/winter fashion :P

  • bethhh29
    Fall is my favorite season! I love your ideas, especially the barn lanterns and the leaf bowl. And I love Fall candles! I have a few of the ones you posted on here. They're the best kind of candles.
    • Thank you, i'm glad you liked some! And ikr, candles are an absolute must, I think i'm addicted to them bahah?

  • vishna
    These are really cute and easy projects. I think the leaf bowl is my favorite.

    Quick question though, I keep finding roaches in my candy corn jar. What should I do?
    • Hahaahhahahaha.
      I'm dying X'DDD Yup, I better take it easy on the candy corn this fall!!! Oh and you gotta put candy corn repellant on the cockroaches!!!

    • vishna

      Hahaha, I thought "@PeachSunset and her candy corn"
      Oh that's the trick, will do. I'll form a little roach assembly line.

    • Hahahaha

  • Bonnie12I27I12
    fall is my fav season. it gives me this warm feeling lol. nice take! will definitely be trying the jars diy
    • Haha ikr. And yay!! Totally one of my favs. I couldn't pick up a leaf garland actually so I just got a mason jar filled it with this pumpkin spice potpourri (SMELLS SO GOOD) it had like pine cones and like I don't know like seeds and some wood? A lot of different things. And I just wrapped the top in twine and hot glued a bow but its like a rustic sand paper kind of bow? Lol its something! So if you can't find any leaf garlands at a moment try that :P

    • I'll see what i can do. I can't really do scented because that stuff gives me migrains :( thank you though! I'll probably see what i can find

  • Destinee7
    I love this take. The opening paragraph makes me love fall even more & highly anticipate its arrival. I can't wait to get those candles & pillows.
    • Right!!! I'm glad my take excited you :-)) I saw some pillows like those at target! And they were only like 7-8 dollars a pillow-so try target for sure and hit bath&body works in September ^^

  • mskay
    Arghh autumn just passed!! 😫😫 I'd definitely do it next autumn, they are so cute 😱😍
    • Aww, sorry I forgot to include the Aussies!! You totally should, i'm doing it this upcoming fall :P

    • mskay

      Ahah it's okay :) I love the cinnamon candles and the fall filled jars 💙 I did my own led cotton balls light last autumn and it was fab 😄

    • Yess!! I know some people who just put a hole in ping pong balls, spray them with like any color, and put them on the LED lights, but i think the cotton ones are just so much cozier and cute. And yes! Fall filled jars are my fav haha, you should try it!

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  • YourFutureEx
    I think your house must be exceptional to watch :)
    • Hahaha i'm working on it ;)
      I just got into this whole holiday and seasonal decorating :P

    • Damn I wish I'd visit a house full of these stuffs... man-made paradise +1

    • lol XD

  • cinderelli
    this is really nice.. all soo good and cute ideas..
  • Lissy967
    Those cinammon candles are SO cute :o I will definitely do that!
    • Yes, ikr! They're really easy, like ya they take some time, but no more than like 15 minutes :P

    • Lissy967

      Exactly! Plus they look super fancy haha 😌

    • Yess ^^!

  • HollywoodGlam
    I would love to decorate the apartment I live in autumn theme, but I live with my parents :(
    • Aww :-(( You'll get there you're only 20, its been my dream once i'm in college or even get out to have my own little cute, cozy apartment! I don't know I can imagine like coffee mugs and flowers and all that (I kind of want a mix of french and rustic for an apartment?) lol

  • lePoivre
    I love autumn ^_^
    • I know right, autumn and winter are my favorite! Where I live it doesn't snow, it just gets really chilly like anywhere from 40-60 degrees in the day time, so its sweater weather but without snow, if we wanted snow lets say, we'd just go up north to a cabin :P If you ever go to starbucks, get the Peppermint White Mocha, soo good, its christmasy but it still tastes good lmao!

    • lePoivre

      Lol I work at a Starbuck's so I know ^^; It snows here in autumn, winter, and spring, and it snowed once on the last day of summer lol. I love it but hate driving in it.

    • Thats true, we used to live in Connecticut and then New York and my parents complained 24/7.
      Lucky lol, I really wanna work at starbucks, everyone starts judging me on here when I say i'm a starbucks lover hahaha.

  • complicated_soul
    Number 2 ❤❤❤