How to: False Lash Look (Mascara Tutorial) <3

How to: False Lash Look (MASCARA TUTORIAL) <3

Here's a myTake featuring my favorite mascara!!! On the second image, my lashes are really not that long - almost invisible :(. I rarely wore any makeup but I always admired those girls with nice, long lashes. Youtube video after youtube video I would pick up some tips from random "makeup gurus" and try them all out.

Mostly by trial and error, I finally found the fastest, easiest way to extra long lashes! ***Guaranteed to last ALL DAY >:O unless you cry or something. But hey now you have a reason not to! So stay away from douchebags & movies where animals die.


- Compact mirror

- TWEEZERMAN eyelash curler ($13-15)

- Maybelline "Falsies" Mascara ($5-6)

You can also use any mascara with a spoon-like wand. (check brands like clinique πŸ™Œ, etc.)

1) Curl your lashes 😍

ALWAYS CURL YOUR LASHES FIRST. (You can actually damage your lashes by curling them with mascara on!)

I curl my mine for 10-15 seconds, because I have naturally "stick straight lashes" and they are very stubborn.

I loooove this eyelash curler because it's wide enough to curl all your lashes - and it does so flawlessly! And mind you, the false lash effect works best when the outer ends are flared and wing-like.

The result is great and you can already tell the difference just by me curling my lashes. My crappy-looking pic doesn't even do it any justice.

2) Apply the "Falsies"Mascara

Tip: I find that newly opened tubes of this mascara tend to be really "wet". So the less product you put on, and the less pressure - the better. (UGH NO Get your MIND out of the GUTTER! It just means that when you apply too much MASCARA, it causes your lashes to drop down and it looks like they were soaked super dark water. I call this the "droopy lash"... It's gross in my opinion.)

The "Right" way:

Bottom Lashes: simple, look up! And dab wand on lashes.

Work on the sides first. As shown in the first crappy pic in the collage above, look directly at your mirror and squint while you position your wand at the roots of the lashes.

(Second crappy pic) Close your eyes! It does the sweeping and swiping for you and I just notice how it really covers the lash from root to tip.

(Third) Gently, with an up-and-down motion, apply some more to the sides.

Try not to use too much product... One eye should either just be one or two pumps/layers of mascara.

Result: I will never go out like this. I would just freak people out. Like damn babygurl that one eye though ;)... What happened to the other one ,_,

Should I just half-ass this myTake and leave it at this or make a collage of the other eye?

k fine.

3) Oh $!?@. FUUUUUUUUUU-

Bonus: This. Bleep. Happens. ALL. THE. Time.

"Don't fret. Baby I gotchu." – Q. Tip

- The only babe that you're allowed to use and throw away right after: the q-tip

- Put a drop or two of makeup remover on it and swipe your problems away

(I was gonna crop this pic but I'm low on battery so enjoy the creepy grin >:O)

3) Take a picture of yourself you conceited son on a gun!

Hopefully when your mascara dries you can tuck your lashes up your upper lid and show off to your friends.

🌸 Bye now🌸


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  • Damn gurl, you cute!! xD
    No but seriously, you're very pretty, and thanks for this take, it's totally going to help my eyes look prettier.

    Pfff ahahah xD


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  • Very informative and funny at the same time! Nice job. :)

  • very nice mytake.. i really like your pics.. haha.. they make it more fun to read.. you look very cute. lol..

  • You're so beautiful! ❀️

  • Cute take and you have really pretty eyes :)

  • Sweet take. You're adorable 😊

  • That was awesome β€πŸ˜†

  • Lmao I love this πŸ˜‚

  • That was literally one of the best takes I ever read. Bravo πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    • Seriously O. O

      omg, day is made!❀️❀️❀️

    • Love how your personality showed through the pics & writing!

    • :) ❀️ at the end of the day, i'm just glad you guys enjoyed it

  • You're so gorgeous and this was a great tutorial! (: love your sweet sense of humour too. If you had a YouTube channel I would totally watch it.

  • Thanks girly! Start a youtube channel and make some big bucks with that pretty face and personality! !!

    • You're sooo sweet omg 😳😳❀️❀️

      I'm really thinking about it! Highschool is pretty tough though, with ap classes beting me down... But i'll try my best !!!

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    • Thank you so much for being so supportive :)! I'll do my best to post a video in time and post a link to my youtube on this site, somewhere in my bio β€οΈπŸ‘

  • Love your take ! You seem so humble and bubbly love it. ❀

  • Make sure you use specific gentle eye makeup. Well done with the take, but the only great genetics are my natural long lashes πŸ‘€ :D