Why/how MEMEs made GAG easier and more fun for me

Over the months on GAG, I've have had way too many users ask me something along the lines of "Mist why do you always post memes, instead actually typing your opinions out?" for my liking. Well, you guys are about to find out exactly why that is with this little MEME art show of ours/mine #EnjoyTheShow .

First things 1st, any active GAGers will know that it's not a secret that on GAG you'll see the same questions asked around 10+ times a day. But ya see, that's just the thing though, most of those questions are just so generic/similar in nature that it makes no sense. Which lead me to thinking "hey if ___ wants to ask a GENERIC question...I'm going to give their ass a GENERIC RESPONSE" I mean hey it's only right. Since I'll only be rewriting what I wrote to __just a little bit differently to fit _ specific question, right? When both of those questions practically have the same answers anyway it seems. So why not save myself from almost typing the same things over and over again?

Okay, it's Time for the art show with the help from my other fellow GAGers and like they say#TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork @Charismatic110

Why/how MEMEs made GAG easier and more fun for me.

In that picture we have @GalaxyHotChoc aka "Aunty" spitting some common knowledge or so I thought before I joined GAG that is. Ya know like the fact that β€œ everybody likes everything race wise”, right? I mean if you're in the right place, at the right time, you could catch a redneck dating a hoodrat. Which is something that you'd never think would even be possible with their 2 stereotypical backgrounds that they’d usually come from.

In that picture, we have @Phoenix98 aka #LilHawk telling those question askers, who'll ask us a question while giving us next to little or no details to work with. Yet they expect for us to be able to help them out like #HowTheHellAreWeSupposeToDoThatWithoutAnythingToWorkWith?

In that picture, we have @XNicholeMariex3 aka #Snowharpy I'm sure that you can tell just by looking at her facial expression why we captioned that pic, with that caption, right? Way too often on GAG, will we see a GAGirl complain about her boyfriend treating her badly, YET she'll still stay with him. Even though she could find another man by tomorrow if she really tried ^_^.

I collaborated with @ButterSauce aka #Blondy one that 1, because way too often on GAG we'll see a girl/guy who is obviously fishing for compliments yet has the nerves to call themselves ugly. While in the ending knowing damn well that they're hot/handsome LOL.

Caption wise, thit pic was made by @justbanANNAz aka #Mistwive4 ... I just put my face to the words. Heck, just 14 mins ago we had a guy bragging about his pee pee -_- like we give a damn. I mean shouldn't ___ be out there banging some girl right about now then? instead of bragging about it on the web? HAHA

The show is coming to an end with this 1 just like their ONS did HAHA

I love seeing a GAGirl ask "Did __ hit it and quit it?" I mean hell if he hasn't showed his face in 20+ days, I'm guessing that he did. But hey Mr. Mist will help ya out and all ya gotta do is call that number.

Finally when have the MEME for when someone asks a "how do I look" question without any pics or links to them -_-

I can't tell ya how _ looks if I can't see it, right? #FixedSomeOfTheErrorsWithinThistake so hopefully GAG deletes the other 1 HAHAH


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  • You are so right, Misty. Esp the race questions on who is the most attractive and people get butt plugged or feel shit on because their race isn't mentioned as attractive and suddenly they think are too ugly for the world causing another pity post about no one finds her or him attractive and blames their race or genes for the downfall.


Most Helpful Guy

  • this will put off people from putting their pics up in case they get turned into a misty meme lol

    • I only do it before I ask them for permission, they volunteer or as Phoenix98 will tell ya "Mist will make a MEME out of any pic that he likes of you" LOL

    • Perty much lol, but he only does it with the persons permission.

    • LOL I think he covered it pretty well LOL

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