1 Year on GAG: A Thanks To These Users and What Has Kept Me Here


Okay, so let’s be honest... When I started GAG a year ago I was kind-of closed-minded to doing things online, such as making friends. Actually, I was VERY closed-minded to it. I thought nah, my life is enough and I love it so developing relationships with these people would be pointless.

I actually started my account on this site (then it was Rica_ChicaUSA) out of boredom and the need to distract myself from my work. Had four essays due for my university classes, needed a break, here I am.

However, my experience on GAG has actually been kind-of extraordinary. That’s no exaggeration. I’ve learned A LOT, and I’ve actually developed some great relationships with some users on here - some really good friendships that, even though online, have taught me a lot. So I wanna say thanks to the following people for being the cool people you are 😎:

@ZeussLightningBolt My first friend on here! Between the funny great sense of humor and the cool conversations and awesome things he’s taught me, he’s made my experience on here fun.

@Mynameisbobby Despite the young age, he’s a great one for mature conversations and is always encouraging. That’s his main thing: encouragement and always being so kind. This guy actually makes my day a lot.

@TonytheGuid0 We’ve definitely had a hell of a time... lol. I think in amounts most has been bad, but the small good definitely overtakes it. This user has actually helped make me a better person, believe it or not. Plus, we both hate the government 😂

@Hispanic-Cool-Guy His username is no mistake; he really IS cool. And it’s always great to have somebody whom you can identify with. We’ve grown up on the same cultures and beliefs and practices, so I think we easily relate to each other on here.

Chloe210, who hasn’t been online in a while, was freaking awesome. She was my best female friend on here, no doubt. Sometimes she was so freaking hilarious and other times she was helpful... much like @ZeussLightningBolt but in girl form LOL

And tbh there was another user who definitely taught me quite a lot, whom I won’t mention, but some people know who I’m talking about. Sshhhh 🤫

Anyways, it’s mainly thanks to these awesome individuals that my 1-year experience on GAG has been quite amazing so far, so thanks for everything 🤗 I’ll also say that GAG has been a fantastic site for learning - sometimes not by giving my own opinions but simply by reading others’. So thanks. You guys are freaking awesome ✌️

Obviously an exaggeration... 😂
Obviously an exaggeration... 😂
1 Year on GAG: A Thanks To These Users and What Has Kept Me Here
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  • spartan55
    Great to hear that this site has been rewarding for you. It's helped me learn so much about myself. Reading other people's opinions and learning from them is worth it's weight in gold to me.
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  • Mijopapiii
    LOl @ZeussLightningBolt ain't gonna be happy about you saying there is a girl version of him.
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    • I don't think he will care, since it means he's the guy version of her.

    • I don't mind. We need more girl versions of me.
      There's also a girl version of me in another sense

    • @ZeussLightningBolt Rosie O'Donnel?

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  • The not mentioned name, you have met in person, correct?
  • theChineseWASP
    @yads_is_back do you know what happened to Zeuss did he leave by his own choice or was kicked off?
  • justcurious2019
    no mention of me lol just kdding glad you came back you are so nice
  • Totti94
    It's very long time...
    Happy 1st year anniversary for you
  • Cryptic-Game
    Yes. There are many wonderful people here but many not so good people too.
  • MissMovinOn
    So where am I?
  • Hispanic-Cool-Guy
    Thanks. ❤❤❤
  • TonyTheGuid0
    • Yeah, you don’t like the others 🤣

    • @TonyTheGuid0 Lamest reply ever

    • @i-love-latina-girls Stfu. I know why he's speechless but it's none of your business.

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  • colonski
    Love you
    • Okay...

    • colonski

      Whitout knowing you bud how u express yourself and thet you said to your frinds here makes me curious about you

    • WowwGirl

      @Yads_Is_Back someone did that to me earlier 🤣🤣🤣 that's funny

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  • thepirate18
    Nice community
  • WowGirl0q
  • Lemia
    Is Nicè when users leave and come back and stay.
  • ZeussLightningBolt
    Thank you
    That truly means a lot to me <3
  • Daniel3035
    I've been on here for 3 - 5 years.
  • Yay for you 😀
    Cool 😂
  • Mynameisbobby
    @Yads_Is_Back than you!!
  • QuietRunner
    love you YADS