1 Year on GAG: A Thanks To These Users and What Has Kept Me Here


Okay, so let’s be honest... When I started GAG a year ago I was kind-of closed-minded to doing things online, such as making friends. Actually, I was VERY closed-minded to it. I thought nah, my life is enough and I love it so developing relationships with these people would be pointless.

I actually started my account on this site (then it was Rica_ChicaUSA) out of boredom and the need to distract myself from my work. Had four essays due for my university classes, needed a break, here I am.

However, my experience on GAG has actually been kind-of extraordinary. That’s no exaggeration. I’ve learned A LOT, and I’ve actually developed some great relationships with some users on here - some really good friendships that, even though online, have taught me a lot. So I wanna say thanks to the following people for being the cool people you are 😎:

@ZeussLightningBolt My first friend on here! Between the funny great sense of humor and the cool conversations and awesome things he’s taught me, he’s made my experience on here fun.

@Mynameisbobby Despite the young age, he’s a great one for mature conversations and is always encouraging. That’s his main thing: encouragement and always being so kind. This guy actually makes my day a lot.

@TonytheGuid0 We’ve definitely had a hell of a time... lol. I think in amounts most has been bad, but the small good definitely overtakes it. This user has actually helped make me a better person, believe it or not. Plus, we both hate the government 😂

@Hispanic-Cool-Guy His username is no mistake; he really IS cool. And it’s always great to have somebody whom you can identify with. We’ve grown up on the same cultures and beliefs and practices, so I think we easily relate to each other on here.

Chloe210, who hasn’t been online in a while, was freaking awesome. She was my best female friend on here, no doubt. Sometimes she was so freaking hilarious and other times she was helpful... much like @ZeussLightningBolt but in girl form LOL

And tbh there was another user who definitely taught me quite a lot, whom I won’t mention, but some people know who I’m talking about. Sshhhh 🤫

Anyways, it’s mainly thanks to these awesome individuals that my 1-year experience on GAG has been quite amazing so far, so thanks for everything 🤗 I’ll also say that GAG has been a fantastic site for learning - sometimes not by giving my own opinions but simply by reading others’. So thanks. You guys are freaking awesome ✌️

Obviously an exaggeration... 😂
Obviously an exaggeration... 😂
1 Year on GAG: A Thanks To These Users and What Has Kept Me Here
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