How We All Can Help Other GAG Users :)

How We All Can Help Other GAG Users :)

So we are all on here to help out, right? (Maybe more to socialize, some of us) Well I think one way we can help people on here is to consider others’ situations and be more encouraging instead of degrading. After all, people ask questions for a reason!

Basically here, in short and sweet, I am saying WE, THE USERS OF GAG, should take into consideration that many other users have low self-esteem, and even though some of us are confident and we can’t identify with it, we should at least consider that the person is not fully content with themselves.

*not taking anons on this because going anon basically shows lack of confidence

I’ve seen some pretty confident people on here (like @wowgirl30q , @preston1997 , @SydneySentinel , @RohitDr , @jessicarosen , @ZeussLightningBolt , @Agape93 , @QuietRunner , and some others so kudos to you people for being cool and content with yourselves ✌️ first step to greatness 👍🏻)
... but seriously, most people on here need some self-esteem boosts. And one major thing I’ve noticed on GAG is that those with low self-esteem tend to be a loooooooot more defensive! So instead of pushing them away, when one of these unconfident users posts something, let’s 1) not call them out 2) help them, not hurt them 3) be optimists instead of pessimists.

So let’s all start being more helpful, yeah? :)

How We All Can Help Other GAG Users :)
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