5 Things I Like About GAG

1. Diversity

I appreciate how there are so many different kinds of people on here. We have people of all ages, genders, races, ethnicities, religions, nationalities, occupations, political parties, sexual orientations and many more. It's nice to see what everyone has to say on some certain topics. GAG would be boring without the very different people.

2. Thought Provoking Questions

Some users on here ask very interesting questions and I like to answer those questions. I like having food for thought.

3. Poll Questions

It's always nice to see the results on the polls. Usually there is no gender divide between the votes which proves we are all equal.

4. Popularity Contest Questions

Sometimes under GAG community, there questions that encourage you to bring positive energy and ask you to tag another user. Those are fun questions. Most questions in GAG community are questions that I like to answer the most.

5. The Funny Trolls

They are so entertaining to watch and it's funny to see people's reactions towards them.


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