My suggestions to GAG. (Part I)

My take on how to make GAG better than best....

It's been over quarter of a year that I'm active here. So I noticed a lot of good and bad (literally, not that good) things of the site.My suggestions to GAG. (Part I) '' is a site, whose purpose is to close the gap between genders by bringing them together to help each other. People here, will give you opinions and answer to your questions (ask you too). So the basic purpose of the site is to share your experience with the needy ones. It sounds fascinating, right? BUT it's still an unknown site. The throne is still far away.

Recently, GAG has brought you some new changes. Some of them
are 'just okay' but most of them are quite worthwhile. But there are some things struck in my head that 'I wish GAG allowed me to do this, I wish GAG had that feature too'. So I picked-up my pen and started to sort-out the ameliorable components.

Here we go :-

  • #1. Questions of the month.

GAG should include this (QotM) feature to increase the inventiveness among the GAGers. This feature should be limited to main topics (like: Relationships, Guy's Behavior, Dating, Social Relationships, Family & Friends, Girl's Behavior)* only, because having a QotM for 'How do I look' topic doesn't seem to be sagacious. There should be two
rewards for asking such appreciable & promoted question. 1. The asker will earn 5 Xper in bonus. 2. (You will read about it under the article)*.

  • #2. Make use of the 'Experts' better.

GAG has experts? Oh yeah, one of them will give you advice on some topic if you ask them on Monday's expert live-chat, that's it. They used to give opinions on the questions here. I know they still give it but RARELY. I do even know that they are very busy people but I got an idea to make use of them
without increasing their workload. Invite them to answer the 'QotM'. This will be the (*) second reward for the asker and the readers. And, we got all the experts for the starred topics. I don't think it's a big deal to give an opinion per month!

  • #3. Enhance search-bar.

I've seen that a lot of GAGers are pissed-off because of the repetitive mundane questions about length, height, upper-B vs. lower-B etc. and they're planning to leave GAG.So what to do to mesmerize GAGers towards the search bar? I think GAG should allow us to search GAGers by entering
their (some part of) username (I know how pro users search them currently :P). And, GAG should include 'top-questions' thing for the specific keywords (tip: QotM could be used in it). For example: If a person enters the word 'love', there should be a long list of questions but on top of that there
should be highlighted 'top-question' which should strictly not to be greater than three in number to decrease the traffic & making it user-friendly.

  • #4. Live-Notifications.

There is a space on the left side of the site, so why not to use it? Whenever someone comments or send us message, we need to refresh the page to check for the new notifications. By the introduction of this feature, users check new notifications instantly. It's the same feature, which is used by the top-dogs like "Facebook", "Twitter", etc. Yes, I'm motivated from there.

  • #5. Motivate GAGers to donate.

Theoretically 99% of the people here redeem xper points for Amazon Gift card. Those who aren't interested in A-G-card would like to give it to another GAGer by introducing a little competition like guess my birthday, age or height
etc. & I'll redeem it for you. But they won't use it for donation. Sadly, they give money to greedy ones rather than needy ones. GAG should motivate people to donate. Currently, it's 3500/7000 points for $ 15/30. This doesn't make sense. GAG should modify it into like 3500/7000 points for $ 15/40
like shopping brands lure customers by offers like buy 2 get 1 and buy 3 get 2 free. The more you spend, the more you get.They should also make a list of honourable donators and feature them on the site.

  • #6. Tackle random site-crashes.

There are so many (ranked higher by Alexa & SimilarWeb) sites out there on which there are billions average visits every day. Such sites never crashes (and if they do, it'll be nothing less than headlines). So if GAG wants to be a
popular site. It should handle its servers better.

PS: These are my personal suggestions, I don't mean to
offend the site or its members. Sorry for my (grammatical) mistakes (I'm still a student and a beginner here :P) and thanks for reading. Your ingenious suggestions/opinions will be acclaimed. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. :-)


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  • This is awesome. I want to share this take so more GaG users read it and GaG does this stuff. Also... bring back the age ranges!


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  • #3 should've been in place the day they put in the search bar. I can't believe on a site filled with usernames, you can't search anyone specifically and good luck if they've never been mentioned in a take or question.
    I liked #4, refreshing the page all the time is a nuisance.
    #5 I said before I hoped to donate to a charity when I got enough Xper and I have it, but that option has gone now! I also think those who've donated either now or years ago, should be shown and recognised. This site is about being helpful so they should be recognised as charitable users. It would be cool though, to give Xper to people as little gifts (with limitations of course).

    Good take hun! ☺

  • Great take!
    I like all your suggestions.

  • ooo I love the live notification idea, and the search a username idea !!! great take !!!

  • Wow I love every single one of your suggestions.
    Especially the live notification one.. It pisses me off having to refresh again and again

  • I enjoy reading your feedback to GAG. Thanks for taking the time to write it
    . Looking forward to part II of your Take :)

  • Very true and I love every suggestion

  • I like the concept you came up with.

  • Totally agree


What Guys Said 4

  • ... still clapping.
    Im hoping GaG reads this. Also, tell em to go back to ranges. Like you said, the site is to bring people together to help each other, not to be judged cause you are too old or not old enough. everyone is entitled to an opinion. being dismissed because of age ain't right.

  • @YourFutureEx Thanks for sharing, it is great to see this sort of feedback. I'm curious, how do you envision QofM working? Is there one question per topic per month for the entire GAG community or can members feature one question per month, etc?

    • Thanks for reading ^_^
      Yes, one question per topic per month for the entire GAG community selected by the GAG staff (just like you select MyTakes to promote into GAGTake). So basically, there will be six questions per month.

    • If they are creative, unique, beneficial and worthy enough for the community. (Foe each starred topic: Relationships, Guy's Behavior,
      Dating, Social Relationships, Family & Friends, Girl's
      A total of six topics (so that experts can give advice on them)

  • I'd add a suggestion: Sort opinions decreasingly by number of upvotes. Plus, encourage gaggers To use the up and down vote more often (xper perhaps?)

    • Yes, I'm thinking about up/down votes for my part II, But they can't give xper for voting because that'd be too easy and people will not do it honestly. They'll up-vote every comment without reading it, only just for xper.
      Thanks for reading and your feedback ^_^

  • great suggestion i like all of them... include emcotions too

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