My suggestions to GAG (Part II)

My take on how to make GAG better than best....

Thank you GirlsAskGuys staff and my fellow GAG users (literally GAGers) for your congenial response on Part I (in which I described the basic aim of the site and some tips to ameliorate the things)
GAGers motivated me to write a second part of it, so without wasting time I would like to introduce the remaining items of the catalogue.

Here we go :-

  • #7. Introduce Profile Badges.

My suggestions to GAG. (Part II)

Profile Badges? What is this?
Actually they are the same badges which you guys see in your day-to-day life but this time I would like GAG to use them virtually. These badges can be found on the GAGers' profiles. You will have to earn them if you want to shine them on your profile.
What is their significance?
GAGers will earn bonus 500 Xper points for each badge you earn and having a badge on your profile can depict your traits on GAG.
How do I earn them?
You will earn them by exceeding the limits set-up by the staff. For example: Trailblazer Badge - Having 350+ followers
Balloter Badge - Voting on 75000+ opinions
Mentor Badge - Having 25+ MHO percentage
Interrogator Badge - Asking 1000+ questions
Counsellor Badge - Giving 30000+ opinions
Wordsmith Badge - Sharing 125+ promoted takes
Veteran Badge - spending 5+ years on GAG
Punctilious Badge - Loging in 300+ days a year
It'll motivate GAGers to participate in all fields and of course, it can help the site to lure more traffic.

  • #8. Motivate GAGers to vote more.

Most of the time I see here that opinions usually get only zero vote on average. Yes zero. On average an opinion use to gather 2-4 up/down votes if it's unique/humorous/helpful/whatever. GAGers don't tend to spend their time voting. We need to settle this. GAG recently brought a very remarkable feature "Your top 10 most up-voted opinions will be represented on your profile as your quotes". I'm impressed and I noticed other users are also showing interest in it.
I've noticed a lot of GAGers' reactions about how to enhance them like giving them Xper for voting or sorting out the comments based on the votes. But I disliked these concepts because if we give Xper to people by just voting, GAGers will start voting blindly in order to earn Xper & if we sort the comments then the value of 'Gurus' & 'Masters' will decline. I think if we introduce badges it will attract GAGers to vote & they will earn something from it.

  • #9. It's time to facelift the MyTakes policy.

Finally, MyTakes are popular now. Everybody is now taking interest in it. So it's time to make the things serious. A lot of MyTakes are being promoted and featured. Some of them consist of one to four pictures or a single video and around four or five lines and boom you received 100 Xper. Some GAGers work very hard to write them and their ideas and statements are original (not like ctrl+c then ctrl+v). So I suggest GAG to keep promoting the takes as it use to but grant only 45 Xper instead of 100 Xper. If a MyTake is creative enough and it got featured then the GAGer will receive 125 Xper. And If it's a simple MyTake with no promotion, GAGers will receive 10 Xper (so that their hardwork will not be wasted). It'll enrich MyTakes and emphasize the writers.

  • #10. Add some Flavour to Followership.

I know a lot of people I'm interested to follow but I can't, thanks to their private profile. We can't follow the people who keep their profile private. GAG should allow an option to send them a follower-request if they are interested or not to let people follow them.

GAG should also add 'Follows You' indicator on the profiles of the people who are following the specific visitor. It would help GAGers to identify the people and strengthen their relationship.

  • #11. Private means Private.

If a GAGer marked his/her profile private, GAG should make their profile picture unclickable (Not allowed to zoom). It will boost GAGers' privacy and will considerably make it a safer place.

  • #12. Improve @Mentions.

Sometimes it is very hard to find out the exact opinion in which we are @Mentioned especially on popular questions. I know it's automatically scrolled but still it causes inconvenience. So I think on the '' page, GAG should label the username of the GAGers who mentioned them on the opinions.

  • #13. Bubble Trouble [mobile version]

GAG recently discarded the classic bar and replaced it with two circles. They are innovative but there is a wise saying that 'simplicity is beauty'. Using them is nuisance. They cover-up the opinions. So I tried to find a better alternative. 'Toolbox'. Currently there are two bubbles, one for navigating and another one for social sharing. GAG should merge these two circles into one 'Toolbox' and place it on the right bottom. Clicking/Tapping on the toolbox will open the page navigation (as same as left bubble works) plus sharing bubble. It will considerably reduce the tackiness of the site and will make it user friendly.

Did I mention to make the toolbox translucent?
GAG should make it translucent too. So if it overlaps the opinion, it'll not annoy the reader.

Thanks for reading.

PS: These are my personal suggestions, I don't mean to
offend the site or its members.

Good News: Final part of My suggestions to GAG Trilogy confirmed.

Your ingenious suggestions/opinions will be acclaimed. Thank
you in advance for any help you can provide. :-)

Game on folks, Believe!


Most Helpful Girl

  • Wow, if I have never cancelled my account since day one, I think I would have earned 4 badges now-- the Interrogator Badge, Veteran Badge, Punctilious Badge and a moderator badge (if I didn't turn down the mod post in the past). Haha ;- D

    This Take is really very well-written and touches my heart. I could see that you put in much so effort and creativity and showed so much enthusisam when you were writing it. Never seen a GAGer with such enthusiasm for this site as you.
    No wonder people said you love GAG. : )

    I would throw 5-stars for this Take, just like in the old days when we rated the questions with 1 - 5 stars and it was fun.

    P. S I wonder why you call me your mentor when he/she needs at least a 25% MHO according to your standard here. Haha.

    • were writing it. Never seen a GAGer with such enthusiasm for this site as you : )
      I would throw 5-stars for this Take, just like in the old days when we rated the questions with 1 - 5 stars and it was fun.

      P. S I wonder why you call me your mentor when he/she needs at least a 25% MHO according to your standard here. Haha.

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    • What * does

Most Helpful Guy

  • You need to work for GaG already and stop givin' them this shit for free!!!

    Or at least have them make you a moderator or something


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What Girls Said 9

  • #7 I think the threshold is way too high. I don't think people in the top 10 have reached such numbers.
    #9 Completely agree. It's a kick to the teeth when you've spent hours on a take, only to see several takes being promoted which are completely pointless, not thought through and are incredibly basic.
    #12 YES!

    Good take! You deserve 125 Xper!

    • Thanks again mentor ^_^
      #7 - these were just examples. It's upto staff to set these limits.
      I made it too high for better impression on admins,
      So that they won't think that there's a waiting line of hundreds of GAGers to earn these badges so they'd feel safer to impliment it on the site and hence increasing the chances for its introduction.
      Got it? ;)

    • I got it.

  • I love these ideas, and your other ones. I wish they had an editing feature too. I understand why they don't have one, just in case someone trolls and then decides to change their post. That's why there should be a time limit to when you can edit. I use this app on my phone a lot, and sometimes I don't realize that my phone changed one word to another until later.

    • Editing feature will increase the troll on the site.

    • That's why I said there should be a time limit to it.

    • No.
      Take an example:
      Let's say, I reply to your opinion "F*k you" and wait for 2-3 minutes to let you read it and then change it to "thank you" instantly. Trolled right? Even offended. And mods can't take action against it too.

  • You might get a job with GAG

    • Haha thanks for reading and compliment ^_^

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    • Wow you knew that! I thought it is known by a few members especially who live in sub-continent.
      Well seems like you're someone ingenious :)

  • @mentions should not be case-specific. i've seen mentions that were not highlighted just because of that, so sometimes the user won't even be notified if they've been mentioned or not unless they go back to question and scroll down.

  • All brilliant ideas! I love them all :)

  • I really like all of these ideas and I hope they are implemented in one way or another

  • Nice take!

  • I like everything except for the badges part

  • This is awesome! The badges are my favorite


What Guys Said 7

  • Im feeling these ideas, especially those badges, that would show more of a status, make people work harder, and possible show if someone is a reliable source or not. a person can get a high MHO by just being a sympathizer.
    Encouraging voting is good too, but there are trolls on that, they don't comment, they just down vote and move on.
    The private thing, i think thats fine, helps prevent trolls and duplicate accounts. If they have a private profile and have a picture of themselves up and we have seen them, if we see that pic on a different account, well, now we know.
    @Mentions could definitely use some tweaking...
    Lastly, what happened to tagging me? I barely saw this!!!

  • Thanks for this follow up feedback YourFutureEx.. Some of these are already in our plans and the rest are great suggestions.
    "Following private profiles" feature is actually coming very soon. We also have plans to improve accessing mentions, facelift voting, and introducing badges.
    I'll be following this myTake closely, as I did the prior one.

  • Nice. Good ideas.

  • I want verified user accounts.

    • On what basis you think a user can verify oneself?

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    • ... this is a free site.

    • This site earns money indirectly (from ads) . The more traffic it'll produce, the better offers it'll receive.
      Every site needs to think from business perspective for its survival.

  • All great ideas! I love it.

  • Nice suggestions you got there... you are really commited to gag which is nice!

  • Some of your ideas are pretty good yes and some meh

    • Then describe them what you liked and what don't.

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    • Wish I'd experience that. I think site users play a big role in it. Old ones became inactive and new ones are not that great. Maybe that's the reason.

    • That may be a small part of it. People are people and there will always be a certain percentage I like and do not care for. There are a few users I do miss and some I miss dearly.

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