3 Things GAG Should Consider


**Advice to GAG from Chico_Brah**

3 Things GAG Should Consider

1) Reputation System

Thumbs up and thumbs down should contribute towards reputation. The more reputation a user has, the more power his or her thumbs up/down are counted towards other users reputation. I think this will give users prestige subsiding from solely MHO. The reason MHO is flawed is because GAG offers to close the question without selecting an MHO. Most users on here randomly let GAG choose their MHO after a month passes.

I think users would think twice before posting a lot of the things they do before posting. It would encourage frequent anonymous users to stop hiding and get involved as well. A lot of users add value on this website in other ways than typing out novel level advice. There are some users on here that absolutely crack me up with some of the things they say on opinions. We have this on bodybuilding misc and it works.

3 Things GAG Should Consider

2) Being Able to Edit Opinions, Questions, and myTakes.

I understand the reasoning as to why they don't carry edit options, but I can't tell you how many times I've made grammatical mistakes and would like to edit them. Sometimes I forget to post a link associated with my question, and it's just a waste of a question at that point. I think an edit feature should be available for 5-10 minutes after posting your content.

3) Being able to "Quote" others opinions

There is always debate going on in gag and it seems like you're constantly having to refer back to a text and manually copy/pasting what they said, and quoting it yourself. We already have a quote feature on myTakes, it shouldn't be to hard to integrate the code to make this possible on questions.

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3 Things GAG Should Consider
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