Leather and Lace Combination - Dare to try it

Leather and lace can be a tricky combination to pull off if you're not Stevie Nicks, but there's no reason not to try it out. ;)

Leather and Lace - dare to try it ^-^

Leather and lace seem to be two very different fabrics that you can wear to achieve very different looks. Leather gives you more of a badass, rock and roll, biker chick kind of vibe while lace makes you look and feel dainty, girly and very feminine. Despite their many differences, though, leather and lace is one of the best fashion combos you can put together to create a wonderfully balanced, stylish and fabulous outfit.

Leather and lace easily fit into most personal styles. The combination is neither too girly for a serious dresser nor too rough for someone on the more feminine side. It couldn’t be more easy to pull off; just remember one piece of each.

  • Lace top and leather jacket
  • Lace top and leather leggings
  • Lace dress, leather boots and biker jacket
  • Lace crop top and leather skirt
  • Lace dress and leather jacket
  • Lace maxi and leather (bag, hat, accessories, shoes)

These or any other combinations to spice up your outing be it day or night. =)

Which ones would you try?

Which ones would look best on you?

Will you dare to try it?


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  • This is the first time I'm seeing this but after checking pics in comments I found that I've seen this and I lile it. The pics you chose are a bit too much. I mean the girls in the pics posted by complicated_soul and ginnyweasley look decent and attractive :)

    • Haha I know - the pics are simply for editorial purposes. Although I could totally pull off the first one quite naturally - with less jewelry.

    • First one is cool but I didn't like that the sleeves are coming out of the leather jacket. Jewellery is a plus 👍

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