A little bit of leather

A little bit of leather

This is a mytake about leather or at least leather appearing clothing. The first image I posted is fun because it is a strapless top yet has a fun floppy bottom. Let's move on forward.

A little bit of leather
A little bit of leather
A little bit of leather
A little bit of leather
A little bit of leather

This batch basically follows the first with them all being tops. The first picture is basically leather appearing leggings but it has a very interesting top. Overall the thought that crossed my mind first, was that it could be very interesting lounge wear. The second picture is very close to looking like the first picture of the mytake but it has straps and almost appears like a breast plate or tank top with a mini skirt attached to it. Sweet yet attractive. The third one is very cute and adorable. Its puffy with a big bow at the bottom. It seems like it could work for the office or even to go on a causal outing. The fourth picture is pretty racy but what sticks out to me is a near appearance of a sports bra but then goes in to have sleeves like a mini jacket. Pretty interesting. The final one is also a bit racy but it just looks very interesting. It has a lot going on with the button and zipper placement that really make it stand out.

A little bit of leather
A little bit of leather
A little bit of leather
A little bit of leather

These next four focus on jackets and pants or leggings. The first picture is fun because the outfit feels rigid and bumpy. The flower blouse and glasses are also a nice touch. The second picture is just causal and fun. It is hard to tell if that jacket is leather but it seems like it could be. But the leggings for sure have that appearance. This is just a fun and flirty outfit. This picture and the following picture I believe I have used in questions before. They are pretty fun pictures. The third is just sexy yet for reasons I don't understand it appears causal, looks over the top yet I feel could be worn on a causal outing. The fourth is a bit racy yet still very interesting. For some reason I feel like the leggings part is meant to attract you and then the leather jacket comes back and slaps you in the face with its don't screw with me appearance. it honestly is a picture that leaves me a little confused in a good way.

A little bit of leather
A little bit of leather
A little bit of leather
A little bit of leather

This next part is themed on skirts. The first picture Is just fun and causal. I also love the belt and button on the skirt which are both nice just touches. The second is very interesting to me. It is the kind of sweet outfit that you could wear to the family gatherings and to work even though it crosses the line. The sweater tames it just enough to allow for more formal like places but it can also just be used for causal too. The third is sexy and fun. It is just a great rocker feel that features iron maiden. The fourth is sexy and edgy. It is the kind of outfit you wear with a boyfriend or a group of girlfriends going to have a goodtime.

A little bit of leather
A little bit of leather
A little bit of leather
A little bit of leather
A little bit of leather
A little bit of leather

This final part mainly features dresses but has two random ones at the end. The first is just amazing. It makes me speechless. The hair, the belt, the jacket and dress, they are all perfect. I am just amazed how well they all fit together. The second is fun because it is leather skater dress and it is pretty cool how the leather turns it from causal to formal. The third simply reminds of an action hero. The outfit is sexy and fun and just makes me think of a sci fi movie like the matrix. The fourth just matches so well with everything, the belt and the shoes are just perfect. It is a leather outfit without being too over the top. The fifth is basically the same as the third only this time for some reason... I feel like she either fights vampires or is one :) The sixth and final one is just a fun and causal outfit. The pants just work very nicely with the white top.

That is it.. two of these in one night and now it is time to get 6 hours of a sleep... have a good day everyone and thanks for reading! JJ

A little bit of leather
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  • kymberz
    i think you have an amazing eye for detail and an awesome fashion sense! i love all of it except for a few and i hate leather leggings but i have a few pair of leather jeans like the last pic. i love pretty much all of it but not the red dress - something about it looks tacky! and the bow jacket? to die for!
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  • Flower7
    Interesting MyTake. Those clothes are very beautiful! I enjoyed looking at the pictures. I would wear a few of those outfits. Too bad you're not selling anything lol.
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  • Nice mytake. But me personally I love leather jackets and boots, but not into leather clothes. It starts to look "too much" and some leather is uncomfortable to wear.
    • Yes leather can make you perspire but thin leather could be a lot more comfortable for you

  • SydneySentinel
    This is my favorite. I have so faux leather pants but I haven't worn them yet! These are some good ideas.A little bit of leather
  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    A little bit of leatherA little bit of leatherThese Leathers look interesting and i like how they look "___"
  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Those are all nice.
    This,A little bit of leatherhowever, is already excessive leather.
  • NorthwestRider
    Leather looks edgy, badass and sexy on women

    My fiancée wears leather often and she looks good in leather hehe

    Leather fits with her dominant personality
  • I heard a theory that leather is supposed to have some of the aromatic notes of semen.
    • craig777

      Awesome πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

    • newblinds

      You have some of the aromatic notes of semen. 🀭

    • mrsingle

      Not true

  • ivbnlknfru
    Love all of them, leather is just amazing when fitted properly on a woman with a nice figure just leave me speechless because it takes my breath away... Simply beautiful...😍🤩😘
  • ultimega
    Leather is definitely sexy depend on how its put together and fits the individual
  • SirRexington
    I'm a fan of leather jackets but not much else. I saw leather socks once at Dillard's, quite odd.
  • Plitty-Tank
    Wow, sir Jjpayne!

    That woman in the skirt right above the Iron Maiden T-shirt: <3 She is the best.
  • Bikerboy123456
    I think leather is fun and cut wisely will show off a girls natural sexuality and sensuality
  • arabgoddess
    It all looks soooo hot 🔥
    how do you feel about leather gloves
    • Jjpayne

      They can be nice with the right outfit

  • humanearth
    I liked most of them. Good job on the take
  • GennySanders
  • art84
    Leather is sexy on a women.
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
  • alance99
    Leather looks good on everybody
  • craig777
    Wow 😮 Yes looks great
    I can't see myself wearing leather, sorry
  • jimmy2
    No no no
  • akolkarmahesh2019
    I want to kiss you
  • driver929
    Sexy as hell wow baby
  • Anonymous
    Why are so many women crushing on these photos? 🤔
  • Anonymous
    I love leather.
  • Anonymous
    Wear leaves if needed but stop using leather. Why harm animals for the sake of pleasure?