10 Sexy Women Wearing Glasses

Sexy Women That Wear Glasses#4EyedBeauties

10. Mia Khalifa

This superstar is so babelicious, And her spectacles compliment her chesticles very well!

9. Emma Stone

This feisty little cutie is very good looking in a very non-traditional way. Especially when wearing her hipster 'focals.

8. Vanessa Hudgens

She might look better without the glasses, But still cute as hell with them <3

7. Jenna Ushkowitz

It's actually impossible for an Asian lady not to look sexy as hell in glasses. And this South-Korean born actress, singer, and entrepreneur is no exception!

6. Lucy Hale

The cutest pretty little liar.

5. Ashley Benson

And the sexiest pretty little liar.

4. Shay Mitchell

3. Troian Bellisario

And another pretty little liar!

2. Ashley Tisdale

1. Selena Gomez

Cuteness personified...........!

.................................... And, @ElissaDido


Most Helpful Girl

  • "Guys seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses" my ass!

    I remember when I first started wearing glasses and felt really unattractive in them yet I would still get attention from guys. I would take my glasses of a lot though since I felt I looked better without them and that they ruined my look. I since found out that a lot of guys actually like girls in glasses, including my boyfriend. I still take them off a lot around him though as I still feel more attractive with them of though I am feeling more confident wearing them now. To my surprise, I found a lot of guys seemed to think I looked better WITH the glasses.

    I guess it just goes to show: The media doesn't always get it right:

    I wear glasses and think "I must look so geeky/unattractive with these" and it turns out not all, but a lot of guys seem to think the opposite about girls with glasses.

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    • Whoever first said that is a moron. If a person looks good without glasses, they'll look good with glasses.
      That said, I was the same as you. Hated wearing my glasses because I thought they made me look less attractive. That was until I met my now-ex, who apparently loved my glasses. I've always been big on academics, so the "handsome nerd" (her words) look suits my anyways!

    • @MikeGaultier I agree whoever came up with that saying was just being stupid and rude. I think guys look good with glasses too although my boyfriend doesn't like his and very rarely wear them, I still like him both with them and without.

      In the past I even had a crush on a guy who I thought looked better with glasses.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I think women with glasses are hot. But it has to be the right type of glasses for the face, you know?

    I imagine girls have the same caveat when it comes to men wearing glasses. ;)

    • Yeah, An article I was reading said certain types of glasses compliment certain face shapes the best.
      Oversized glasses seem to be the most popular trend i guess.

    • They are but I actually don't like them. I like some of the smaller, understated frames on girls.

    • Don't blame you there.

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